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  1. i rate i believe good photos that i like - my question is how comes my average
    ratings remain the same ? for the last 3 months at least

    thank's .
  2. Once you've rated 10K photos as you have, it takes a pretty drastic change in you ratings pattern to create much movement in your averages. Perish the thought that system doesn't recompute your averages within milliseconds after every rating you make. Come to think of it though, I don't remember management ever disclosing the frequency with which the averages are updated. A related question that could be asked is: If you have rated a photo that the poster eventually deletes, is that rating eliminated from subsequent computations of your averages and is the number of photos you have rated decremented? But these all probably fall under the categorey of Trade Secrets so don't hold your breath wating for an answer.
  3. OK whatever
  4. i fed up what the use of rating photos , when my average remains the same for about 6 months now - and i would hold my breath wating for an answer .

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