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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tim o'brien, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. I have aquired a Kalart Press (a wonderful camera) with a Rapax-X
    shutter surounding a 127 Raptar. Using the posts on the shutter rim I
    hooked it up to a Sunpak 444. Test fire the shutter, everything works.
    Using the Auto 1.5 to 12 feet setting on the flash unit, I set the
    aperture to f11. Shutter speed is 1/200.

    Results? Thin, thin negs.

    I only have two ideas why...

    1.) The W2D2+ developer I used is getting on the old side.

    2.) The X-sync doesn't truly work to 1/200 of a second.

    Tonite I will process the last sheet in Rodinal and see what happens.
    I am wondering if anyone else has an idea what other things could have
    affected my exposures.

    tim in san jose
  2. I think I read somewhere here (probably some time ago) that the sync setting can go "off" so that it's not firing the flash when it should.

    Might work better if you slow down the shutter speed, give the shutter and flash a chance to be in sync. 1/30 or 1/60 (or 1/25 or 1/50 if it's an older shutter) might work out better.

    By the way, what format is the camera? I've only ever seen these in 3-1/4 x 4-1/4. Did you find one in 4x5?!?!

    Have fun with that thing, whatever format it is! I agree with you, they're wonderful cameras!
  3. Tim, did you test fire the shutter with the flash pointing through the back of the camera? Or look through the back of the camera with the lens at your intended working aperture and test fire the flash?

    When you shot, did you point the flash at the subject? I ask because I've sometimes had problems doing this, especially when using the camera hand-held. And your Kalart was made to be used that way.

    When you shot, was there anything bright near the subject that might have confused the flash's little thyristor brain? Guess who's done that, and more than once.

    My experience with Rapaxes has been a little mixed. I somehow broke one and it stopped firing flash completely, but when mine have fired flash they've been in good synch.


  4. Tim, How close was your subject? -I ask because you may need to compensate for the bellows extention. Also, I've heard that you have to add 1/3 to 1/2 stop exposure when working with flash (as opposed to daylight)

    -Let us know what you come up with.
  5. Hi again,
    It is indeed a 3x4 Kalart, I don't believe they made these in 4x5. The irony of "The Camera of Tomorrow" being obsolete within a few years of development. Design is a funny thing sometimes. I get my film from J&C. I have a bunch of standard sheet film holders. I have often wondered what happened to all the neat accessories Kalart must have designed for this camera using that spring type mechanism for the back. I also wonder what ever happened to items like the range finder black screens for other lens than the 127. I know they offered WA and Tele lens for the camera, but have never seen any.

    Back to the questions... I used the flash directly off camera on a l-bracket with the sync wire going from the shutter to the sync outlet on the flash. The distance was about 8 feet in all shots. One was done late at night with no other lighting, and no light objects to fool the sensor, the others were used as main flash in the early evening, lots of daylight left lots of shadows.

    I'll get to the 2nd development session tonite (Saturday) and let you all know what comes up. I might get adventurous and print and scan some stuff too.

    Tomorrow is the 4th. It might be a good night to take it downtown and shoot street scenes at the fireworks. I'll try the slower speed and open up a stop. Maybe diafine might be a partial solution.

    tim in san jose
  6. Developed the last negative in Diafine. Came out great. Black dog in the middle of the night, lots of detail, nothing blown out.

    We will keep you all posted with the continuing project of getting this camera to full operating status, rangefinder, focus spot, flash units, etc.

    Any information anyone has on the Kalart Camera will be most appreciated.

    tim in san jose

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