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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by kenneth_amorino, May 11, 2007.

  1. I am trying to find a reasonably priced 6x7 or 6x6 rangefinder. I am aware of the Mamiya 6 & 7 but I
    don't know about many others. If anyone has any reccomendations I would appreciate it. Thank you in
    advance. Ken
  2. Hi. I know it is not a 6x6, but recently I?ve got a Fujifil GA645i and I?m extremely happy with it. Paid $500. Some examples in http://www.unafotopordia.blogspot.com Good Luck Alejandro
  3. Research Fujis late model rangefinders (645s to 69s are out there) or you might even consider a retro-folder. Many vintage models - Zeiss, Kodak, Mamiya etc. Go to: http://www.rangefindermag.com/index2.tml for a good start. Personally, I love my Mamiya 7II w/43mm lens (very pricy) which I use 90% of the time, but I also use 60 year old Zeiss Ikon Folder that still takes increadable 645 to 69 images with its fixed f/3.5, 105mm Tessar lens. That Ikon cost me $135. I am all smiles!
  4. Get the Bronica RF645 with 45mm or 65mm lens. Both are super. I own one and will never sell it.
  5. Your best bets in medium format Rangefinders are the Mamiya 7/7II, Mamiya 6, the Bronica
    RF645 and the Fuji 6x9s (I would not get their 6x7's since they are the same size and bulk,
    yet smaller film size). The only other modern option that I am aware of is the Plaubel Makina,
    which while reputedly excellent, is hard to find, expensive and repair might be an issue. The
    best value is probably the RF645 if you are willing to go to 645 and shoot in the vertical
    orientation most of the time. My choice was the Mamiya 7II, and I am quite happy with it. If
    you check out the thread on it a bit lower down on the main page, you will see a lot of other
    people really happy with it as well.
  6. The old Koni Omega's are 6x7. Quirky things, but get the job done. Fast flash sync, too. Probably get one for $200 or so.
  7. www.antiquecameras.net has some fuji rangefinder pages. AH
  8. It's hard to say what you consider "reasonably priced", but for the cost (sub-$200 with 90/3.5 lens and 120 back) a Koni/Omega Rapid is hard to beat. Starting around twice the price, there's also the whole family of Mamiya Press/Universal/23 models, and the Graflex XL and variants, which a lot of people swear by, and a lot of people swear at (and a few, I'm sure, do both.)
  9. You can contact Greg Weber at gweber@webercamera.com or (402) 721-3873. He has Koni-Omega cameras, lenses and accessories and he services them. When you get one from Greg you know it will be in good shape.

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