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  1. How about some leftover grilled salmon bits?
    salmon x1000.jpg
  2. grilled, looks like a David Lynch rotting carcass experiment... add some ants or flame
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  3. 5DA4424F-68D4-4326-B851-0C8E50292F76.jpeg 6517E076-83E3-44D1-9527-8FA5657FCE8A.jpeg Rescued aquarium
  4. out with the cameras yesterday, trying to get some photos of something besides cars and motorcycles for a change... if my medium format shot of this comes out even half as well as this phone pic did I’ll be well pleased

  5. Since Covid has the entertainment industry pretty well shut down I’m back to doing some carpentry. This has been a fun project- restoring the front porch on a friend’s 1890s farm house


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  7. Mostly completed porch restoration project

  8. Don't look too closely! This was a total wing-job, no "plan", nothing engineered. Flying by the seat of my pants the whole way through, approximating dimensions and measurements, working by "feel" according to any known quantities. I'm no rookie tho, decades of experience and a lot of love went into this project. Since the near-total collapse of my 2nd career in Entertainment, I've resurrected my 1st career in carpentry and have been delighted to rediscover my love of woodworking.

    He needs to get a few things made (by others) including corbels for the nearest corner, decorative "acorn" and cap mouldings, and handrails but it's coming along. Kind of a budget job, it's a crooked old country farmhouse so 100% perfection wasn't in the budget. I completely removed and replaced the porch floor structure, added 2 new locust wood posts, removed and replaced rotten soffit & fascia, and built new steps. I glued and repaired several of the decorative corner braces at each post, and we re-used every piece of moulding and decorative goo-gaws whenever possible.

    My client and friend had a leaking porch roof and he let it go for far longer than he should have. Honestly he only "let" me tear out so much- with this kind of thing, rot is like cancer: whatever you can see, it's likely a smidgeon of what's really there. I pushed him as far as I could but in the end the money wasn't there for a perfect restoration.

    The locust for the posts and white oak planks for the stair treads came from a local sawmill, the oak timbers used for framing the porch floor came out of a pile of old lumber he had in his barn. We pulled some stones for the foundation from an ancient stone wall adjoining the farmed field along his property line, where a section had collapsed. All 1 by material (soffit, fascia, & stair risers) and the tongue & groove porch flooring was "store bought".

    it's been a fun job and it's also been nice to spend some time with a good friend whom I've known for many many years.

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  9. Bolivar Peninsula, SE coastal Texas
    iPhone 11


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  10. today 18 February 2021

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