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Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by Allen Herbert, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. "Remember, back in the day, this vid windows 95.
    Some interesting street photography."

    Paul Simon did good there, with Edie…
  2. Sort of feeling I'm doing a solo...

    Hey Ho
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  3. A weekly thread might get more responses. Just a thought
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  4. "A weekly thread might get more responses. Just a thought" Ludmilla

    Hi Ludmilla

    I used to do a weekly thread along with Jane Cave. Unfortunately, due to a lack of response at the time, it fell away.

    How about yourself starting one? You are a popular lady who takes great photos. A fresh perspective, from someone like yourself , would breath new life into the street forum.
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  5. I’ve thought about it- I have enough photos taken on the street but I’ve never really considered them street photos. Eg,

    i spy
  6. What a interesting photograph,; a different perspective on the" general run of the mill" street photography. Street photography , to my mind is not all about people photography, but also the character of the street what your photo exemplifies.

    Again, a different perspective, a freshness.

    Please give it a go.
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  7. That photo is special,, Gerard Cafferty

    It has a indefinable magical character to it.

    Great photo.
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