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  1. @Ricochetrider's photo reminded me of one I took years ago. His photo is - for many reasons - very much 'stronger' than this one. I just wanted to highlight how how one posted photo can remind you of other photos that you, yourself took.
    Street - NL (1 of 1).jpg
  2. Nice, Mike! I love that myself- like word association but with imagery.
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  3. Exactly!
  4. dcstep.


    A supreme wild life photographer, looking outside his box..

    Hopefully, some more contributions, in this other place you are visiting.
  5. Of course.

    What a interesting subject, the wild life, of humanity can be.
  6. 0A4BAE2D-0048-4B79-9561-3DD673382EB2.jpeg An illusion, but actual!
  7. Espio_0056_Markt.jpg
    Minolta Himatic 7S AGFA APX400
  8. mpressionz

    The look, the eyes....for me, makes your photo special.
  9. Yes. But what makes this one interesting is the randomness, which means ones without a goal are also allowed.


    OK, this one happens to be the street in front of my school from 45 years ago.

    Of course the reason was a picture of the school, but the street as a side effect.

    I suspect others also have pictures of streets when they were actually trying for something else.
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  10. snowhouseA.jpg
    This one was to test out a Certo Dolly and 50 year old VP127 in HC110 (B), though the
    snow was also a reason to go out on this day. But it is also a nice picture of a snowy street.
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