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  1. "Responsibility and agency. We choose both what we capture and what we share." Sam

    Just curious whos responsibility and agency? The individual photographer or the current societal norms and beliefs? Or, are we talking about the individual photographers cultural beliefs and morals. Perhaps there is a greater morality and responsibility which we should adhere to...written into our souls by a divinity.

    Curious where your thoughts are coming from and their meaning.
  2. Mine, when I choose what to shoot and share. Yours, when you do. Society when its individuals band together to make decisions and take actions. And each of us to each other ... to the extent we care, and to ourselves. I’ll leave “divinity” to the myth-makers while I go out to make pictures. :rolleyes:
  3. Good thoughts, Sam. But, do you think there are secret/sacred areas of humanity where no photographer should trespass. Or, maybe they do not exist other than individuals ethnical/moralistic standards. Do you think that all of humanity should should be open and questioned by the photographer?
  4. No.

    Though there might be areas I wouldn’t trespass for one reason or another in a given situation. I’ve been just as happy to keep my finger off the shutter at some moments as to press it down at others.

    What I try to do is avoid habits. And, while a good cliché strikes my fancy now and then, I try to indulge sparingly.
    On this question, I wouldn’t speak for “the photographer.” Speaking for myself, I decide or am led to what I shoot by my own humanity and don’t typically like all or nothing questions or thinking in universals.

    Photographers seem sometimes to question and sometimes to answer.

    Many photographers apply limits. And probably even the most “free” photographers limit themselves in some way or another, consciously or not.
  5. Again, good thoughts.

    I consider myself a "free" photographer in the sense, I do not judge, but photograph what catches my eye. However, I do limit myself in certain situations, as you correctly pointed out.

  6. I never photograph the faces of old people. It makes me feel guilty.
  7. It makes me feel selfy.
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  8. Sam, that's a sharp wit you got there.
  9. ? why guilty
  10. Oh ok, just saw your hand selfie!
  11. " even the most “free” photographers limit themselves in some way or another, consciously or not" Sam

    Exploited is where i would draw a firm line.
  12. So much good stuff on this thread, I thought I would keep it going.

  13. I've been going back though old photo imports, Seems I might have some "street" photos after all. Here's one from Rome that seems (to me from my experience in the city) to capture much of the essence of the place.


    and another that's not so quintessentially Roman, but I like it anyway.

  14. is still "street" photography if photos were made at a rural tractor show??

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