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  1. Lets have think.

    A newbie photographer posts a photo, to share, which they are proud of. And then big bad Sam/Fred destroys it, as a master photographer, he thinks..

    Methinks, they will never post a photo again. It is not what you say, but how you say it, in a kind positive way.

    Think N/W, and W/NW.
  2. Anyway, I respect your views, Sam.

    Thank you for contributing. Really.
  3. Why should anyone take offense to mike posting a thoughtful response on topic and not directed to any single person.
    How about a heads up if you are hoping a post outside of no words to be limited to only a few words. There have been some good discussions in the street forum, initiated by topics, photos or comments similar to Mike's observation... imo an interesting part of the image saturated s&d forum.
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  4. "the best street photographers have (per project/series) a purpose, some kind of goal, plan and even unifying style" Mike.

    A purpose, a goal, a plan. Sort of like mathematical equations, to achieve a unifying style, Of course like most mathematical equations time eventually sends them to the dustbin as other equations become more revealing. Or, perhaps the photographic equations of the old masters are to be followed. Of course the best street photographers, and those who decide, follow the time worn equations of the old masters. Random images, of the street, defy the time old equations of the old masters, whos styles were easily recognised. Unless they were doing documentary photography, I suspect their street photography, was much about the chaos of the street ,without a purpose other than what was revealed.

    There have been some good discussions in the street forum, initiated by topics, photos or comments similar to Mike's observation... imo an interesting part of the image saturated s&d forum.

    We must be living in a parallel universe, inoneeye .Can I join yours?

    The street forum is hardly saturated with images or even words.
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  5. Anyway, time for a photo.
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  6. Thoughtful? Mike’s response was completely vacuous, the kind of cliched nonsense you might see on the back of a cornflake packet.

    If he had wanted to encourage debate he should have said what the worst street photographers do and given some examples.
  7. The best street photographers have a vision, a project

    Really, I would never have imagined that in a thousand years.
  8. Check out the following:
    Brassai's prostitutes.
    Penn's cigarette butts.
    Larry Clark's drug addicts.
    Martin Parr's working-class seaside stuff.
    Harry Callahan's color.
    Joel Meyerowitz's Cape Cod atmosphere.
    Dianne Arbus's street "freaks".
    Walker Evans's storefronts.
    Eugène Atget's Paris architecture.
    Bruce Gilden's flash stuff.
    Elliott Erwitt's visual puns.
    William Eggleston's suburbia.
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  9. I'd have a hard time classifying most those of those as pure street photography. Maybe documentary.
  10. I don't know what pure street photography (as opposed to impure street photography?) is and I wasn't talking about pure street photography. I was talking about street photography and most of the photos that belong to the works of the photographers I mentioned would easily fit right into a Street thread on PN, though they'd likely stand out for reasons of vision.
  11. I was being facetious
  12. (1 of 1)-7.JPG..jpg .​
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  13. It’s so often hard to tell.
  14. "I was being facetious" Ludmilla

    "It’s so often hard to tell" Sam/Fred.

    Not me. Perhaps it's a culture thing for you.

    Got it, Inoneeye, the language of your photo spoke to me.
  15. Time for some light relief until we meet again on some sunny day;)

    Next week for me.
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  16. Hungry dog smell on the table.



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