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  1. There is a Cyclone “Nilam” on on the East Coast. It is almost an annual event from the NE Monsoon that wets and irrigates the Eastern Seaboard, Mainly Orissa, Andhra and TamilNadu states. Not as violent as the “Sandy” though. It disturbed life for at least a couple of days. We, in the Deccan Plateau are experiencing the spill-over of rains and “Seattle-like” weather.
    I had bought a rarely used Praktica Nova IB and a Domiplan lens, separately from different sellers in the UK, sometime ago. The Praktica needed some CLA plus. It feels good, now. The Domiplan was sold as a non-working item. The seller thought the iris blades were absent. The automatic pusher-pin was missing; I had a hunch that the iris blades may be hidden in the fully open position. I bought it hoping that I could repair/restore it to working condition.
    Yes, I found the Iris blades. I used a thin card-board wedge to lift the semi-circular ring that operates the aperture. The lens now works stop-down, fully. I mounted the lens on the Praktica and loaded it with some ORWO UN 54 ASA100 film this morning and went out to capture the rainy ambience around the neighborhood. As usual, I developed the film in my home brew.
    I now have three Domiplans; one of them works with the automatic pin; another one has a fixed aperture that I put in; this, third one is a stop-down. I like all of them optically despite their mechanical problems. I found the Domiplan not so great with landscape shots. However, I found them good for close-ups and mid-range distances as in the urban scenes. They seem to have a special capacity to bring out the texture and tonal gradation in dull-lit scenes. Today’s pictures illustrate some of those qualities, I think.

  2. This bank is from Northern India; it is exploring the Southern states, now.
  3. The Moped explosion took place during the 1980s. But most have graduated to higher horsepower bikes. There is some revival of the Scooters too. The latest entrant is Piaggio from Italy.
  4. Many two-wheeler riders park across the narrow space in the front and back of cars. Often, the car driver has to wait until one of them moves. This one succumbed apparently to a force of habit though there is plenty of space ahead.
  5. Many of these are mid-size commercial buildings. Perhaps they would last some 15 years plus. That says a lot about confidence in the real-estate and rental market. Very few go for long term investments beyond that horizon.
  6. Small & medium size traders are doing well. So are some professional services.
  7. I seem to picture this corner frequently. Some thing keeps changing there.
  8. One can feel the moisture as one walks along. The drops are really tiny, refreshing your face. i hope you liked the pictures. Appreciate your viewing and your comments. My scanner is still the old HP G3010 and gives me trouble. Shall get a new one soon. SP.
  9. I like the pictures very much. You did capture the rainy feeling nicely. Nice moody pictures.
    The Domiplan is more evidence that simple triplets can be surprisingly effective lenses. If only the aperture mechanism were better (note rare use of English subjective).
    You also know that I am not the greatest fan of the nova Prakticas, but you always seem to get the best out of them.
  10. That's a fine series, SP, and I'd agree with all that you and JDM have stated, (despite the use of the subjective), regarding the Domiplan. I have a couple of working examples that are optically very interesting, in that they are excellent for close-up and mid-range work, but I suspect the quality of coating lets them down when bright landscapes and contre-jour applications are attempted. At their best they're very sharp and contrasty, as your images demonstrate. I like the perspective in your "New Construction" pic. While the Nova series doesn't seem to include anyone's favourite Prakticas, you obviously have this one running well. Many thanks for another interesting post.
  11. I too can feel the moisture looking at your walkabout! The contrast seems to be rather nice from this triplet lens and I am just wondering if you used your homebrew chemicals for processing these?
  12. Nice shots, I really like the ones you can see light reflecting off the pavement. Nice work. I bought my first Zorki C few weeks ago, I will take some shots and post soon.
  13. Subbarayan, your posts are better and better every year. I am enjoying reading each one of them even if I am not posting any appreciation notes.
  14. Thanks JDM, Rick; I have been selective in buying the Nova series cameras. Also, have been lucky with the Nova I and IB. I have not been so lucky with the Super TL though. Of course, the L-series is of a different [superior] class altogether. Starvy, thanks, yes it is the Home Brew, improving with each edition. Thanks Kris; that Zorki-C is possibly the best made simple Zorki. I have not had a bad one yet! KP, I am glad you are enjoying the posts. I have been learning to change the shutter-curtains in the Fed-2. I did it successfully in one sample. The second one is giving me a lot of trouble, mainly in the re-assembly. There are no guidance grooves or limiting stops while pushing the curtain cradle back into the camera body. It is strange that it fits once and then the next time it does not. The fitting is wobbly! I have followed Maizenberg's instructions carefully. I wonder how the factory people fitted these! Do you have any experience to share? Thank you, SP
  15. I enjoy your "slice of life" pictures and your thoughtful descriptions of daily life in a part of the world I have never visited. Thank you.
  16. Fine photos SP, they have a bit of noire feel, in accordance with the weather you seem to have had. As always, appreciate your narratives and look forward to reading them. Thanks for your post.
  17. Nice series and as always an interesting walk through your country. Thanks for posting.
  18. Super atmospheric pictures. How often have I looked out of the window and thought "it's raining, no point going out". I used a Domiplan lens on my Exakta a while back (on my "to do" list is to take some pictures with the Pancolar lens which I've now fixed). The Domiplan delivered colourful, sharp and punchy images, somewhat to my surprise.
  19. Very fine series. The dark weather tones look very well. Your Domiplan lens seems to do fine - what apertures were you using there?
  20. Thanks Peter, Ralf, Mike, I am getting different feel of my surroundings through the lens and of course, with each camera/lens and their characteristics. Such are not quickly apparent to the naked eyes. Yes John, I take out my Exaktas frequently and enjoy their hard work and precise quality pictures. Thanks Julio, nice to see your comments back here. Iused from f/8 to f/2.8, but mostly it was f/4 and 1/30 second. sp.

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