Radio Poppers PX Model WILL trigger Sony 56 Flashes...

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by steve_c.|5, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Those who have followed my exploits with using Sony gear to shoot weddings and such may recall that I've wanted to have a wireless method of using Sony flash units in high speed sync mode for shooting scenic shots of people in bright sunlight. Sure, the Sony flashes have an infra-red method for doing this, but it's unreliable if you don't have line of sight and near perfect conditions. I've been using regular RF flash triggers (the Alienbees Cybersyncs) to trigger my flashes remotely, and posted my method for rigging this up long ago. However, regular RF flash triggers don't provide any method of using HSS mode.
    Fortunately, the folks at Radio Poppers have created a setup that will work, but it requires some fettling and fanagling to attach the units to the Sony flashes and camera. The Radio Poppers are primarily designed for use with Nikon and Canon gear, but I've been communicating with their staff to get the point across that Sony should be next on their list for creating a mounting system. They have heard from many Sony shooters like me, and I'm sure eventually they will pour some development into our platform. The good news is that the P1 and newer PX models will work reliably with Sony gear. Apparently, the Sony method of infra-red digital transmission uses different pulse timings from Nikon or Canon gear, so certain settings must be used to get them to talk to each other and send the right signals.
    If anyone here is interested in knowing more about my experiences with this, let me know. I'd be happy to share with the group.
  2. Could you give any idea about the time period (when will Sony flash TTL HSS firing be available from Radio Popper)?
  3. That's what I'm saying here. The Radio Poppers will fire the Sony Flashes with TTL and HSS now. The only downside is that to mount them, you have to rig up a bracket, tape them on with gaffer's tape, or rig some way to mount the Radio Popper receiver onto the front of the flash, so the infra-red emitter can hit the Sony's IR receiver eye. But, they do work with the right settings on the flashes/camera/radio poppers.

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