Radio Interview with Robert McNeely

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  1. I heard a CSPAN radio interview this morning with Leica M photographer Robert McNeely. Mr. McNeely is currently photographing the Gore and Bush campaigns, and covered the McCain primary campaign aboard the "Straight Talk Express" bus. Prior to that he was White House photographer 1992-1998, and was also a staff photographer in the Carter White House.
    Some of his notable photographs included a series including Mr. and Mrs Reagan, Mr. and Mrs. Bush, and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton at Richard Nixon's funeral (the last time Reagan appeared in public), the 50 year anniversary of D-Day on Omaha Beach, and President Clinton playing a saxophone which was presented to him as a gift by the Russian president.
    He mentioned that he always keeps a Leica hanging around his neck. He shoots mostly on TMAX. He frequently shoots at 1/30 sec. or slower to obtain a sense of motion, and said that it was very easy to do with a Leica rangefinder. He also shoots portraits in 6x6 with a white background and a single light.

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