RA-4 Processor and printer. How do I sell or give them away?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by leo prada, May 28, 2007.

  1. I have a Hope RA-4 Color Processor and 2 Pako BC-24XL Roll Paper Printer. Where is a good place to go and sell them or give them away. I no longer use my lab and feel bad about discarting my lab. Any ideas how to find if anyone is still interested in this gear?
  2. Everyone I know, including myself, bashed them apart, took the valuable metals to the recycler for $$ and sent the rest to the dump.

    I contacted local community colleges and was dumbfounded that they had no interest at all. I tried to sell to amateurs and it was obvious that I was going to spend hundreds of dollars in my time more than they would pay to assist them in setting up, let alone operation. It came down to a basic business decision. I know there are amateurs that would love the stuff, but move it, set it up, run 20 prints, then get calls as soon as the chems are bad?? No way for me. Sorry.

    Buy a case of beer and after you get back from the dump have a big party and enjoy the new found space you gained. My loss was well into the 6 figures - does that make you feel better?

  3. Hi Leo,

    You might want to try Craig Ellision at Cres Imaging.
    CRES Imaging
    Phone 425 374 1253
    e-mail: sales (at) cresimaging.com

    He is an equipment broker. I have bought many items from him over the years.

  4. Hey, where are you located? If you're nearby, I do reselling for equipment of this sort. If you're reasonable in that resale value is less than 1% of your purchase cost, you can find buyers for this sort of stuff, but it does take time.

    Most colleges here either have their own HOPE or Kreonite processors already or use trays. They aren't interested in printers or volume printing, just processing, and usually just for paper. They also usually either have an arrangement with a local E-6 processor or have their own Wing Lynch or comparable E-6 machines.

    These guys just don't need the stuff. They either already have it or don't have it because they are too small to need such high-volume machinery. Some colleges still do tray-processed RA-4.
  5. The problem with these big processors/printers is they require a large amount of
    chemicals to operate. Too much for a hobbiest. The small table-top processors are more
    desirable for a light user.
  6. Thanks all for your input, comments and advice.
    Karl I am in the North San Francisco bay area.
    Doug I really like your reality check. I think I am going to have a barbecue and some beer and
    make my Photo Lab in to a wine cellar.

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