R8 viewing enhancement?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by geoffrey goldberg, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know of any way to enlarge the view through the R8? Years ago Canon and
    Nikon had some magnifiers that clipped on to their cameras and helped to make the view
    through the eyecup a bit bigger. Did Leica or anyone make that for the R?

    In a perfect world, a sport viewer would be ideal, but no such luck on that one!


  2. Don't know about a magnifying eyepiece (other than an angle finder), but you can always stick a finder (like a C/V one) in the hot shoe.
  3. There is an angle finder with 2x magnification. You can rotate it in any direction, other than
    straight out of course. But I don't think it would work for what you are talking about unless
    you are using it on a tripod or something.
  4. {In a perfect world, a sport viewer would be ideal, but no such luck on that one!}

    There's an interminable list of things Leica never offered that others did, which is one of many reasons their reflexes were never taken seriously by very many professionals.
  5. Is Leica's angle finder a 2X magnification?

    Thanks for the responses.

  6. I think that Leica offered often more than they are given credit for, but it is certainly true they never have offered interchangeable prisms. Funny how these so called "pro-essential items" are now no longer on offer by either Nikon or Canon.

    Anyway, yes, the rt angle finder can be switched to 2x magnification if required.

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