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  1. I Have brought up this question indirectly in some other threads. I used to have an R4, and although the screen wasn't terribly bright, it had good "snap" in and out of focus on the matte portion. I find the standard screen that came with my R7 to be very bright, but the matte portion is too clear, even the out of focus area can still be seen with this screen. I wondered if the other current screens available have a different, coarser matte portion, or if they are the same as the screen I now have just without the center aids. I find I dont like using just the center focusing aids.
    I was even thinking about picking up an R4 type screen and sending it to Bill Maxwell to run his magic process on it, hoping I'd get the brightness level of the current R7 screen with the snap of the older R series screens. Any experience with screens in this camera would be appreciated.
  2. I am a little confused as the R4 through R7 take the same
    focusing screens. Unless you are referring to the R8 which has
    a significantly brighter screen than the other R cameras. If you
    are referring to the R7 then just order the latest screen and away
    you go.
  3. They take the same size screens, but Leica changed the screens at
    some point and went to a brighter screen, but without the snap of the
    earlier ones. I'm wanting the brightness of the newer screens with
    the coarser ground glass of the older ones.
  4. Andrew


    I can tell you the serial number of the all microprism spot that I
    like for my R6.2, but I don't have it with me. I will try and
    remember tomorrow. It goes without saying you will have to try it
    yourself as it may not work for you. Although I understand what you
    are saying, I would always rather have brighter than "snap" I think.
    Is there not a Leica R groundglass screen too designed for long
    teles? This might be perfect for you.


    As a note to John. Is the R8 screen really brighter than the R6.2? I
    don't remember thinking so particularly when I compared them a while
    ago, but of course it is often very difficult to tell.
  5. Since I posted this, I have been practicing focusing my camera with
    the screen that came with it, and realize I probably just need to get
    used to this type of bright screen. I do find the split to be more
    in the way than an aid for me, so maybe I will keep my eye out for a
    microprism and matte screen without the split. I found the
    designation number for that one, it is 14305.

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