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  1. I recently acquired a R4 with a Summicron 50mm f/2 from a friend's collection who passed away last year. The light seals are a little rough so I taped the film window and figured I'd try a roll of film to see how it did. I got new batteries and it seemed to be operating ok as far as I could tell and now I'm half way through a roll of 24. But last night I went to take a shot and the shutter wouldn't fire like it needed to be wound. But I also couldn't turn the advance lever. It goes into the on position but no farther. I have tried different modes too.
    I don't really know this camera well and I'm pretty rusty with film in general so I'm hoping I'm missing something or there's a way I can get it going again. When I look through the viewfinder it still seems to meter ok but I think this is a low enough serial number that it could have the electronic issues I have heard they get sometimes.
    So I'm hoping someone has an idea for something to try. I haven't unloaded the film yet but it doesn't feel like jammed film as I remember it from my Pentax ME Super days.
    If the body is shot I'll probably just get a Leitax mount and use the lens on K mount gear that I already have. But I also wouldn't mind using this body more if I can.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. IIRC, the R4 has the same shutter as the Minolta XD-11. If so, then their are two mechanical settings, B and 1/100 second. Try moving the shutter to B or 100 and see if it closes.
  3. I have an R5 that locks up occasionally. first see if your finder display is lighting up..cycle the mode switch under the shutter dial a number of times...also mount and dismount the lens a few times. battery compartment clean--i.e. no corrosion or dirt? clean with a pencil eraser. ditto with wiping the batteries clean. good luck..it's a good camera
  4. Thanks! B mode closed the shutter.
    It seemed to work correctly for a while but still seems to lock up pretty often and will always lock up in spot metering A mode. I wonder if this body is going bad.

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