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Discussion in 'Abstract' started by inoneeye, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. assphalt.jpg

    I had a message for Michael for the thread title but? so no idea what the &R'. is.
    let's go with R&R.​
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  2. Bwa
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  3. maybe just abstract-ish, but I couldn't resist ...

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  4. I want to contribute but waiting for more examples.
  5. whatever you post will fit right in.
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  6. Finally found a fitting photo for this forum...
    Monterey 22a_Breakwater Cove Marina_1.jpg
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  7. Inoneeye, two such different offerings from you on this incomprehensible theme (that's not a knock, by the way, it's a plus). I find the diptych more challenging and the second, sole image, more comforting, though still with a bit of a push to it. The diptych provides my imagination an array of possibilities and a puzzle that feels solvable, but only in time and likely with some caveats. The diptych also seems to point in a forward direction.
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  8. 8<) thanks. The incomprehensible wasn't intentional but consistent with my pedestrian style of writing. It was some sort of glitch when posted. When I saw it and i wasn't allowed to correct it i went with it to R&R... rest and relaxation. Odd subject but this is an abstract forum and abstract for me is often not an object... sometimes concept, emotion, or just a feeling. For example caveats would be an interesting subject. In fact i would have liked to title this thread CAVEATS.
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  9. Rest and relaxation?
  10. Motion

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  11. yeah but no special reason for it. R&R (rest and relaxation) was what came to mind when the title quirked when I posted and saw the &R' and then I couldn't change it. As I recall I had typed something about you being on break from your usual role of posting new abstract topics. Can't remember the exact words.
  12. Andar = to walk, in Spanish

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