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  1. I can't find any reference to this but has anyone tried the R to M adapter on an M6 ?
  2. Unless you're firing at subjects near infinity, you'd have to use wide angle lenses employing "guesstimation" focus.
    To deal with the viewfinder blockage, probably best to mount an aux viewfinder for framing.
    Your best bet is to mount the R lens to a mirrorless camera with a focus "peaking" electronic viewfinder.
    All your issues will then disappear...
  3. I considered it once for an M6, but the lack of focussing might make it useful only for ultrawides (21mm and wider) or limited scale focussing of wide angle (28mm?) optics. Also some retrofocus R optics tend to be more cumbersome, which might get in the way of accessory shoe viewfinders.
    Could be interesting on an M8 or a more recent digital M body (I presume three may be even a new R to M adapter for the live view digital M body), particularly for tripod mounted long lenses.
    Gus, we cross-posted. Maybe I would wait for a full frame mirrorless (other than the expensive Leica digital M) if I had R optics..
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    Yes, I tried it, but with a weird combination. I had a 1980s 70-210mm Tamron Adaptall IF AF zoom (the autofocus was built into the lens itself and worked on any camera on which the lens was mounted), with a Leica R adapter. I put this on a R->M adapter, and used the resultant combo for a brief while on both my M6 and M4. The autofocus worked fine, the framing was a bit of a challenge but I remember using the 90mm viewfinder frameline for the 80mm setting, and the focusing patch for the 180mm setting. The M6 did fine in measuring the exposure. It was a fun experiment. If I can attach a picture I'll show it on the M4 and two test shots I took.
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    Now the test shots, first one @ 70mm and 2nd at 210mm.
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    Last 0ne @ 210mm
  7. With the Leica M all worries will be over. It has a full frame live view function. I am told the one I ordered will be in my hot little hands in March. Meanwhile use your R lenses on R Leicas. There is a certain charm in that.
  8. Duplicate post.
  9. Duplicate post.
  10. Aren't those adapters pricey? Scale focusing using the distance scale on the R lens would work fine (maybe not closeup and wide open), but $20 will buy you a Chinese knockoff Leitax R to Nikon adapter. Another $40 buys a Nikon FG or N6006/N8008s SLR. Shoot the lens using stop down metering and you'll be happy. R lenses are very, very good. It just so happens that I have an R Elmarit 90 on my FG right now, and it's a sweet, light little combination. For serious metering I go to the N8008s.
    That contraption of yours Stephen is wonderful.
  11. I've used Leitz adaptor 2222RtoM for years to adapt my R lenses to my M2 body. With wideangles -- 28 and down, easy to guesstimate focus.
  12. Thanks for those answers. It does not seem to be a good idea so I'll drop it.

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