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  1. I have a 4X5 R.B. Series D Graflex. While it is in pretty good shape, I have
    been warned not to bee too tough on the shutter. So I have figured a way to put
    a modern 210mm lens and shutter on the beast.

    The camera came with a few film holders and I have purchased a few others for
    this camera since this camera does not have the standard grafloc back.

    THe cut film magazine came with the camera. It holds 12 (yes 12 or twice that of
    the grafmatic system). The septums appear to be in good shape. It is prettyy
    easy to see how to load the magazine, and it appears to be a leather bag into
    which the septums are pulled after exposure.

    The question is this. After pulling the exposed septum into the leather bag,
    does it stay there or is it pushed back on to of the on-exposed septums? My
    guess is that the exposed sepyums remain in the bag.

    It is kind of a neat system that the ancients designed to replace 6 standard
    holders and for fast shooting!
  2. Hi Bruce.

    I have three bag mags in 3x4 for my RB, and love them. To operate, simply pull the exposed sheet into the bag with the lever, and rotate to the back of the stack and push back down into the magazine. With a little practice, I can operate mine pretty quickly, with one hand. Enjoy!

  3. BagMag manual front and back pages, origional size 3 9/16 x 5 1/2 inches.
  4. next installment.
  5. next installment..
  6. Yes, move it to the back of the stack and slowly push it in (that way the septum number will show in the ruby window). Be prepared to occassionally visit the darkroom to slide it in. NEVER force anything, not even a little bit. I love the bag-mags.
  7. last. save images and print if you wish.<br>Charles
  8. hi bruce

    if you want to use your shutter, and barrel lenses -
    search for fred lustig on graflex.org. he refurbishes graflex cameras
    and has all the factory parts ( or makes them himself! ) from what i remember a replaced shutter isn't too much money. if you need more film holders ( the slotted ones ) you might check out the good folks at either equinoxphotographic.com or pacifrimcamera.com . they tend to have that sort of stuff :)

    have fun with your new camera

    (i have the same camera and LOVE it )
  9. THanks to all of you who resonded to my question. In particular, I am very grateful for the documentary of how to use this device. I am always impressed how advanced these older camera systems were. I guess it makes sense since so many great photagraphs were taken with these cameras.

    Thanks again to all of you!

  10. Thanks to Charles Monday, I was able to make a pdf file of the Graflex Magazine. I suppose all of you who responded to my initial inquiry know the directions to the magazine. Anyone else who stumbles on this set of messages who would like this pdf file, please contact me at:


    I will send the file to anyone who asks.

    Bruce Karnopp

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