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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by lorenzo's, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I am currently pursuing a career in still photography on movie sets, and would like insight where a Quiet Box would be available, I have
    googled and ebay'd and have not found a site promoting this item for purchase.

    Thank you very much
  2. Do a search on sound blimp, or movie blimp. There was a recent thread on this.
  3. Hi Lorenzo,

    In the past, I've done what you are doing in film and TV.

    These are the only quiet still cameras, certain rangefinder FILM cameras, Leica IIIG, Leica M4, possibly a RF contax, No Name Contax and certain Kiev Contax copies. Everything else clatters and bangs.

  4. Google with the term "blimp" and you should get a few appropriate hits. This company makes blimps widely used for film photography (http://www.soundblimp.com/what.htm).
  5. Edward has the right answer and links , but just to be clear, Jacobson also makes sound blimps for digital cameras.
  6. I'd go with the Jacobson blimps too...
    used two of his in the past, one for a digital slr, and one for a contax 645...both were amazingly quiet on set...
    they aren't cheap...

    good luck!


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