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Discussion in 'Travel' started by jean_hee_lee, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. I am going to New York City this weekend for a couple of days and was
    wondering if people could suggest particularly interesting places to
    walk around. I will have my 15-year-old sister, who's just starting
    to get into photography. Also, the only times I have been there
    before were for my music, and I haven't really seen much of anything
    there except Carnegie Hall. What are your favourite spots? Thanks
    for the help!
  2. david_henderson

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    For photography; Meat-packing district; Lower East Side;a walk over Brooklyn Bridge; Dumbo; Soho. Central Park especially if the trees have started to turn- might be a bit early.

    For sightseeing probably different places entirely
  3. jpb


    Check out Columbia University (116th and Broadway). Great campus for photography. Lots of people, good architecture, many sculptures. While there, you can easily walk to Grant's Tomb and Riverside Church. Or you can walk down to Riverside Park and check out the boat basin a bit further downtown, where you'll always find interesting subjects. Otherwise, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope.
  4. In addition to the earlier responses, here are some suggestions:
    (1) Liberty Island, Ellis Island, & Staten Island Ferry (both offer great views of lower Manhattan)
    (2) Bryant Park (in back of the main Library, between 42nd and 40th on 6th Avenue)
    (3) Empire State Building (of course!)
    (4) Rockefeller Center
    (5) St. Patrick's Cathedral
    (6) The UN tour is interesting, but I'm not sure if they are offered on the weekend
    (7) Intrepid Air & Space Museum (they now even have a real Concorde to walk through)

    Have fun!
  5. A nice walking tour is to check out the world trade center site, then walk across the pedestrian bridge into the world financial center buildings right on the hudson, the architecture is fairly spectacular, dont miss the atrium area where there are some architectural models of the proposed wtc rebuild there, then out the back doors onto the hudson river walkway and walk south past the yacht club berths all the way to battery park along the river, this is a great walk near sunset with the sun setting across the river behind the statue of liberty.
  6. Have a look at my first two days here:

  7. Some spots where you will find lots of photo ops - Brooklyn Bridge (not only the bridge but great views of Midtown and financial district), Chinatown, Washington Square area in Greenwich Village, Times Square, Central Park.
  8. Times Square is always my fave for street shots. Just pick a place and sit for awhile. You'll be amazed at what can transpire in a matter of seconds at a time!
  9. Thanks for the responses. I should be going back soon, so I'll be checking out a lot of these places! Now I have to prepare for the trip to China...=)

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