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Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by dcheung, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. I'm new to studio work. Just setting up one right now. It just occured to me that models will be (or are supposed to be) stepping on my muslin backdrop. For shots when shoes are needed, will the backdrops get damaged? Those mulsins aren't cheap. How long do those things last for you guys?
    It concered me cuz I'm going to be shooting a friend who is a tap dancer and he's going to be wearing tap shoes with metal bottoms.
  2. With any backdrop, you should advise the model to be careful of the material so as not to damage it for the shot. I've found people very courteous in this regard. Muslim should last quite a while. I don't shoot with muslim for most pro work, but for personal stuff, I've not had to replace any. Your best insurance is a good frame system to roll it up when not in use.
  3. Don't worry about the tap shoes, they let tapdancers not only pose on stages, but to walk around and even dance. If stage managers allow that on concert-hall stages, it must not cause much damage. And while you may think that muslins are expensive, I'll bet that it costs far more per square foot to refinish "the boards" than it costs to replace the muslins.
    The main thing is to make sure that the floor is clean as well as the model's shoes. Grit under pressure will damage the fabric. Grease will stain it. I don't use muslin backdrops, but we have a lot of muslin in the house because it's a textile my wife uses in her art. It's fairly rugged and should be easily washed, not to mention overdyed if the color fades in use.

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