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  1. Howdy everyone,
    I'm really not sure if I'm asking this in the right forum, but I noticed that you also cover Canon lenses as long as they have the Leica screw mount (and I'm assuming here that all Canon lenses with a screw mount have the Leica screw mount). Well, I've come into possession of a screw mount Canon 1000mm f/11 (complete with its own aluminium case), a whopper of a lens! It also has "Rset" written on it, but I've no idea what this means.
    My questions for those familiar with such lenses are:
    1. Can you tell me if my identification of this lens correct?
    2. How many of the people here are still using Canon screw mount lenses?
    3. Does this 1000mm f/11 have a good reputation? (Is it a good lens?)
    4. What are your estimates for a current price/value? (It seems to be in good to very good condition.)
    Appologies if I have posted to the wrong forum, but if anyone can help me out with information, I would be grateful!
  2. There is indeed a Canon 1000/11 intended for such cameras (first sold in 1958). I've only seen one small photo of it, but there's no obvious difference between it and what you have. I've never used a lens remotely similar to this, but if I understand correctly the screw dimensions do indeed match those of a Leica body. However, this doesn't mean you can use it in this way. Indeed, you can't use it in this way: you'd have no way to focus it, and nothing would be in focus however it was set up. Instead, it screws into a mirror box, which in turn screws into the Canon (or Leica). I don't know if you need a Canon mirror box or whether you could instead use a Leica one, but a Canon mirror box is easy to find and its price should be trivial beside that of your monster.

    Lots of people use Canon screw mount lenses; few use those that require mirror boxes. I mean, what you have there is probably some collector's wet dream (scuse me) but probably also a nightmare to use. I've no idea about quality; all I can say is that it has two lens elements in one group.

    Perhaps somebody else here has the URL of Peter Kitchingman's Canon screwmount website handy. Peter himself is sane but he seems to have one or two acquaintances with deep pockets.
  3. Thanks Peter! I've never heard about mirror boxes, so this is very useful information to me. I will check that out...
    Another question, following on from what you said: Do you think that a mirror box (or equivalent) would allow one to adapt this lens to Canon FD, or Nikon F etc? (I mean, could you have a mirror box with the screw mount on one side and the FD-, F- etc mount on the other end?) Now, if that could be done, it would be even more useful to me!
  4. awahlster

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    Neil I might be wrong but I believe what you have is an R mount lens designed to fit on a Bellows type focusing mount. I have a 1969 era Canon lens book that shows this. Does your lens have a focusing helix? if not then it needs the bellows unit to be used. It may fit on the canon Mirror box as well as the R mount (which is dimensionally the same as FL or FD mounts) Peter should have a look at this critter he could tell you much more. I'll try to round up his email address for you.

    A VERY rare lens indeed Value no idea.
  5. Thanks for the info Mark; if you meant Peter Kitchingman, I found his website and have sent him an email. It will be interesting to find out what he thinks. As you may have gathered, I know nothing about this kind of lens mount/system - it's interesting to find out about all these things!
  6. Wow ... yes, a lot of people are still using screw mount lenses and cameras. I have a Canon Model 7 my father gave me and have been using for decades. It's great with Canon, Leica, and now VC glass. Canon made some really long lenses, for their Model 7 mirror reflex housing. Cameraquest covers them. See here ...

    Your 1,000 mm is at the top, and the Model 7 and reflex housing is on the right.

    I don't know what it's worth, but it's a pretty special purpose lens. I certainly would only use it for sports or for covering a shuttle launch!
  7. Thanks for that link Frederick!
    By the way, I often use a 500mm mirror on a 2x converter to get photos of the Moon and the Sun; perhaps a refractive lens would give me better results than a reflective lens?
  8. Neil, I don't know which would get you better results, having never tried the exercise. I have used a 300mm CAT for sports, but nothing longer. I trust you are using the appropriate neutral density filters. Looking at the sun directly through any optical instrument is not recommended.
  9. Don't worry - I use an aluminium filter which is opaque except for when used to view the Sun, specifically made for solar obsrvations via telescope!
  10. Hmmm... M39 to M42 adapter + M42 bellow and spotmatic body ? This may work ?
  11. Here's the beast :
  12. Yes, that's the one - thanks Eric. If I can find how long the mirror box is supposed to be, then I'd know how long an adapter should be - unless I've missed something.
    Thanks to everyone so far for your information!
  13. I think you could do the trick to have something that focus at infinite with the bellow and maybe some macro extension ring ?
  14. Thanks Eric, but I'm probably going to sell it now.

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