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  1. I have a few questions regarding working as a wedding assistant, so
    I guess I should tell you about myself first.

    I'm a 17 year highschool student male who wants to work as an
    assistant mainly for the real world working experience and for
    prints for my portfolio. My niche has been in skateboard photography
    so I am accustomed to shooting with 2 or 3 flashes at a time. Of
    course I have experience in other genres of photography such as
    portraiture and studio, but none in wedding photography. I am of
    young and of athletic build so carrying around equipment should be
    no problem, I'm also smart and well mannered.

    My gear consists of the following:
    Canon eos 1nhs with lenses covering 16mm-135mm.
    Yashica mat 124g with fixed 80mm lens.
    4 vivitar 285hv's.
    Minolta scan dual IV for 35mm work and an Epson 3200 for scanning 6
    x 6. I will also be able to develop and print black and white ( 35mm
    and 6 x 6).

    Now to the questions. What do pro wedding photographers look in an
    assistant, are the soley used to carry and setup equipment or used
    as another shooter. I am assuming you want a portfolio to review, if
    so what kind of images do you want to see. Would you hire someone
    like me who is young and has no experience in wedding photography
    assuming that their photography skills are up to standards. Would my
    gear ( or lack of maybe?) be a factor, or maybe that I shoot film?
    Also, how do I go about being hired as an assistant?

    i think that's all the questions for now, thankyou in advance.

    p.s. If there are any wedding photographers looking for an assistant
    in the Philadelphia area, feel free to email me. thanks.
  2. I wish you lived in Minneapolis as you sound like an energetic, hard working person who is open to suggestions from others.

    At the top have you name, your address and telephone number as well as E mail address.

    Perhaps you could put together a short summary of your desire to work hard and learn from someone. You are in need of a mentor and ask will you help me?

    Then write out a couple of short term (maybe over the next 6 months to a year what do you want to accomplish?) goals and objectives you would like to acheive by working.

    Keep it short. Maybe a few bullets would work.

    Then look up in your telephone book or go on the internet and get the names and addresses of photographers you would like to work for. Send out the resume. Yoiu want to get hired so I'd offer just your desire and willingness to work hard as an assistant. I wouls state that I'm good with taking instructions and following them through to completion.

    Write down on post it notes the name of the studio and the telephone number. After a few days give the owner a call. Be cheerful. Expect to get put off. Keep trying. Don't give up. Try not to sound discouraged because professional photographers work hard if it's the only way they earn an income.

    Report your results back here. Others may have good ideas. You put a game plan together.

    Remember we are here to help you.

    My best to you.
  3. Great answer from Bill.

    I would add that it is 90% the enthusiasm and 10% skill to begin with (or at least that how I approach it).

    I think the eye will be developed with time and the skill to suit. The desire, however, is not something you can maufacture in the experiences I've had.

    You sound like a you'll be a great assistant/second shooter. Email a buch of photogs around your area and see who's interested.
  4. When I began looking for an assistant job (I assisted/second shot for 1.5 years that ended
    about a 1.5 years ago) I went to the pro developing place I use and asked the folks that
    worked there if they knew of any photographers who were looking for an assistant. I
    figured they saw the gamut of pro photographers everyday come through their doors and
    would have a handle on who might be in need. Luckily one of their wedding photographers
    had mentioned he needed someone so they passed along my name and number. He called
    to set up an appointment with me and all it took was showing him my portfolio and me
    listening. Though my portfolio wasn't perfect (who's is at the beginning of your career?) he
    noticed I had a great eye and through listening to what he wanted and how I could better
    my skill he knew I, like you, was ready to learn. I didn't have all of the equipment
    knowledge, but again, I was ready to be taught. Being young might help you because a
    smart photographer will realize that s/he can mold you into what they want. Good luck!
  5. thanks everybody, you have been of great help.

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