Question on Graflex Graphic 35 Electric/ILoca Electric

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by yefei_he|1, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hi, Folks,

    Can somebody help me out on the Graphic 35 Electric/ILoca Electric camera?
    I can't find a manual anywhere on the web. There is an excellent about it on, but I can't locate the email address of the author, Paul
    Winter. Anyway, the pressing issue is not that it's non working (like all
    others), rather that at least I'd like to open the back. I just can't figure
    out a way to do that. Fiddled with the rewind lever and didn't seem to help.
    And apparently there are not other knobs or switches that may be the trigger.


  2. Do any of the Ilocas on this page fit the bill?

    Tim O
  3. Thanks, Tim. No, those are different cameras. I do have a few other Ilocas, and their ways of opening the back do vary and are very unconventional. But I always figured out without the help of a manual. However, this Electric is so unconventional that I will need some help. By the way, there is one manual for sale on eBay. I just don't feel it's worthwhile to shell out $40 for one!

  4. Hi Yefei,
    Paul is a co-moderator on The Camera Collector at and checks in regularly. He may take a while to answer due to sickness in the family. I can't give out his email addy on the net. Hope this helps.
  5. All right, thanks for the heads up. That sounds like an interesting board and I should visit there sometimes. On another note, on a second try I figured out how to open the back, yes! It was in the same tradition as the Iloca made Argus V100. Keeping the tab that pops the rewind lever pressed, I was able to further pull out the rewind lever, which at the same time popped open the back. On the V100 once the rewind nob is fully pulled out, one needs to go one step further and twist the rewind nob to pop open the back. And, as all the Ilocas I have seen, the back comes off completely after that.

  6. Yefei

    If you think the Iloca/Graphic Electric is a challenge, you should try the Iloca Automatic!

    1. Little lever on the base of the camera - push to the left (hold it in this position if necessary)

    2. Pull out Rewind lever as far as it will come

    3. Push in Rewind lever about an 1/8 of an inch - not too far or it locks in again! (this releases a small sprung plate that locks the back in place)

    4. The back should then come off if you pull it from the right hand side. It may just come off easily, however if it has not been opened in years, just keep on pulling while you hold the rewind knob in just slightly.

    The back is marked with a small red dot. Make sure you place the red dot on the left hand side of the camera when you replace the back or your next voyage of discovery will involve you working out how to force the back off without damaging yourself or the camera. It took me about a fair few days of "fiddling" to resolve this one.

    Hope that helps

    N.B. Right & Left with the back of the camera towards you.

    My email address is paul dot winter at lycos dot com
  7. Hi, Paul,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm glad that you found my post! As you can see, I actually figured out how to open the back. Now I hope I can get it fixed!

  8. Hi Guys,
    An Internet buddy of mine has a problem with repairing his Electric. He is looking for
    information about the position of a gearwheel at fully closed and fully open diaphragma.
    Just wondered if you could help him out ?

    The link to his question is here :

    Thanks in advance,


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