Question for the Leica wedding shooters.

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by kevin m., Mar 21, 2004.

  1. I know there are a couple of shooters on this forum who use
    Leicas and I have a question regarding flash. I find the 1/50th
    flash sync to be no real limitation for the times I use flash
    indoors as I'm usually dragging the shutter to get background
    light anyway. But outdoors it's a big problem. My workaround
    last year was to use an 8x ND filter and let the TTL flash pump
    out more light to compensate. But batteries die quickly doing
    that, of course. A bigger, more powerful flash dwarfs the camera
    and makes it unweildy. Do you have any other workarounds to
    the 1/50 sync outdoors?
  2. Buy a second Leica body: load it with ISO 100 film for outdoor use.

    (Or get a Nikon N90s body and whatever lens you want: use ISO 100 film and a SB-28 speedlight -- now you can play with up to 1/250th sync fill-flash out-of-doors, and you can go -.3 or -.6 on the SB-28 and fine tune your fill-flash results with a little practice.)
  3. Same answer as above just swap out N90 for FM2 or FE2. With the FE2 you'll get TTL 0TF for about $200.
  4. Why the use of flash outdoors on weddings? I have never ever used flash outdoors, as long as the light is right there isn't any need...I know that a lot of wedding photographers do, but I don't know why?
  5. Hi Kevin. ND if I have to use flash. But I never shoot color in my Leica's, so available light is the rule for most outdoor work.
  6. A question for Jeff:

    First of all, your photos are great. My question is, in regards to your statement of not using flash outdoors ever, what about those times when you have high contrast direct sun (we get that a lot in California) or even heavy overcast, which casts shadows in people's eye sockets (I hate that)? I know one can manipulate the action to some degree, but there are times you can't.
  7. Use a folding reflector?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I have an SLR with a higher flash sync
    speed, so that angle's covered. I was just wondering if there is
    another work around for the Leica. :)
  9. Actually Shoot pictures with a Leica?I thought these are kept in glass cases & worshipped by chrome/glass fetishists?
  10. LOL Steve....

    Nadine, I work in the UK so dull overcast lighting is what I deal with week in, week out. We also get really harsh sunlight in the summer, so again I'm familiar with those lighting conditions.

    I can't emphasise enough that I document the day, and have no real interest in posed formal pictures, so perfect lighting patterns are less important to me than capturing the expressions and action. Having said that there are things I will do to control the light. Mainly it is positioning myself to the main light source, work in the shade, use natural reflectors etc...etc 'Panda eyes' can be easily avoided by using the natural direction of light to fill the shadows in the eye sockets...

    Fill flash causes me too many problems. If you overcook it, the picture looks artificial. The flash itself means extra kit to carry, and as soon as the flash goes off the subject is aware of your presence and you've lost any chance of getting another shot off.
  11. You could buy a Canonet Glll off ebay. It syncs at all speeds to 1/500th has a fast f1.7 lens with flourite! I have shot several weddings with just two of these cameras and a small canon T277 flash (probably used it a handfull of times for something different). You don't need expensive gear to shoot weddings ( my base fee is $3500). I've taken the liberty of posting a couple of shots from the Canonet to give inspiration to all those of you who are tempted to enter this wonderful arena but think you have to invest $1000's on gear before you can even justify calling yourself a wedding pro. AINT SO!!
  12. Jeff, a quick reference to your wonderful work, I am a fellow Brit working out of Seattle, I peek at your site now and again for inspiration when I'm feeling jaded. Terrific!!
  13. I want to second the comment about Jeff's work. Jeff is a true artist. His work is very
    moving. Rare talent.

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