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  1. Hello, I am conducting a survey to gain a better sense of what art educators think and feel about teaching photography classes today. This is a preliminary study for a class I am taking at the University of Florida while working on my Masters in Art Education. I am hoping it will help direct me in developing a theses supporting historical processes like film and the darkroom in photography education. Your participation is greatly appreciated.
    If you wish to participate, please copy and paste these questions into word or an email and return to me at the following address:
    General Information: (For most questions you may answer “yes” or “no”. If you wish to provide additional information, please feel free to do so)
    1. Your Name: (optional)
    2. Your email: (optional)
    3. Are you currently teaching photography?
    4. If yes, how long have you been teaching?
    5. What levels do you or have you taught?
    6. What state do you teach in?
    7. If no, have you ever taught photography?
    8. Are you retired?
    9. Did you earn a B.F.A in art?
    10. Did you earn a Bachelor in Art Education or Education?
    11. Did you concentrate in photography?
    12. Do you have a Masters degree?
    13. Did you acquire your photography background by other means?
    14. Do you use film? digital? of both?
    15. If you answered both, do you use film for commercial use?
    16. For fine art?
    17. Do you use digital for commercial use?
    18. For fine art?
    19. Do you have darkroom access?
    20. If yes, is it at home? or other?
    21. Have you ever had a darkroom at home?
    Questions for Educators:
    1. Do you teach photography classes?
    2. What ages do you teach?
    3. Do you teach in an after school or community program?
    4. Are you still teaching film and wet-processes in your class? (If “No” then skip to question 14. Otherwise answer questions 5-12)
    5. If yes, where do you purchase supplies?
    6. Do your students pay a lab fee?
    7. If yes, how much do your students pay?
    8. If no, who pays for your class supplies?
    9. Approximately how much do you spend in a given school year (Two semesters).
    10. Approximately what percentage of your students has 35mm or other film based cameras?
    11. Approximately what percentage of your students has digital SLR cameras?
    12. How do you interpret your students like or dislike of using film and the darkroom?
    13. Do you think that students who learn to use a 35mm film camera have better control of their Digital SLR?
    14. If you answered “No” to question 4, when did you switch to digital?
    15. Do your students use digital SLR cameras, point and shoot cameras or both?
    16. What were the reasons for the switch?
    17. Who made the decision to discontinue the darkroom practice?
    18. Do you feel that historical methods in photography and the wet-processes are important in your photography class?
    19. If you are not using film and the darkroom how else do you incorporate these historical processes in to your curriculum?
    Additional Questions:
    1. If you could design the curriculum at your school, would you incorporate film, and digital?
    2. Are you aware that there are environmentally safe chemicals for the darkroom today?
    3. How much do you think it cost to teach a class size of 25 students using film and darkroom processes for one semester?
    4. How much do you think it cost to teach a class size of 25 students using digital cameras and computer software?
  2. It's not clear if your #3 and #4 under "Additional Questions" are supposed include the procurement of equipment (and with #4, software licenses, etc), and to what degree students are supposed to be covering any costs. Those two are unanswerable without more context.
    1. If you cannot spell "thesis", you certainly are not ready to write one.
    2. If the University of Florida is like most major universities, you are in violation of their research policy by not posting contact information for your thesis adviser in this survey.
    3. Has your thesis adviser approved this survey? The questions seem so highly biased to me as to be essentially unusable. You are leading people to answer in ways to support your conclusions. I'd suggest scrapping this one and doing another survey to get the pros and cons of teaching both ways, and using the replies to formulate new questions.
    4. Re: "4. Are you still teaching film and wet-processes in your class? (If “No” then skip to question 14. Otherwise answer questions 5-12)" it appears that question 13 has led a very hard life.
    5. Learn the difference between "has" and "have".
    6. The Harvard comma is your friend.
    7. Question For Educators 19.2, are you aware that there are no such things?
  3. I am willing to give response of this survey but first you tell me is my information save?

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