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  1. Hello, so i got into photography with an old k100d and recently ive been looking at the used market and found a k30 with the kit lens and about 35000 clicks at 250 euro (~280$). I don't really know much about cameras so can anyone help me? is it a good buy? the owner doesnt really say much more and i dont know what to ask.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Not sure what you want to hear.
    • Price might be high?
    • 35K clicks aren't scary yet
    • Why Pentax?!?
    "Toss a coin?"
    I only have K20 & 2 of its Samsung sisters + K10, K100, *ist D. K30 should surely feel like a reasonable upgrade from K100. But
    • some folks declare DSLRs dead
    • Canikon offer significantly faster AF
    • Pentax lenses are comparably expensive and lacking 3rd party alternatives.
    Your deal is something I'd recommend to a traveler, "a reasonable landscape camera, cheap enough to stay in an unattended tent". But you might end switching brands later and that is cheaper to do before you invest into a lot of glass.
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    Couple of things - are you buying privately, or from a site that offers a money-back guarantee for this camera ? Are you able to pay by credit card or via PayPal, for added security ? When you say the owner 'doesn't really say much more', I'd be a bit wary and ask for further info before parting with the money, especially with a private sale.

    Good luck
  4. issue got solved!!
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