Question about the VC 28/35 minifinder

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by hiker, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. I have a question about the VC 28/35 minifinder. I wear glasses
    often and the 28 mm framelines are difficult to see in the 0.72
    viewfinder. Is it easy to see the 28 mm and 35 mm brightlines in the
    minifinder while wearing glasses, or would it be better to get a
    dedicated 28 mm finder? I have read previous posts that deal
    somewhat with this issue but I didn't see any definite conclusion.
  2. I love the mini-finder. I have very thick glasses, and I have a problem with internal
    viewfinders, the VC 28/35 mini-finder has very good eyeglass relief, and it is so small and
    cute, and it is bright, and you will love it. I have a couple. wouldn't part with them for the
    world. The only auxiliary finder that looks good on a Leica thread mount camera.
  3. jtk

    jtk the 28mm bright line or is 28mm simply the extreme edge of the view?

    If it's the edge, is it somewhat sharply defined or does it just fuzz out into mush, like the 25VC finder with glasses.

    I'm wondering if the 28/35 might be better for a glasses-wearer with a 25 f4 CV than its own bulky finder...

    I'm considering the VC 35 minifinder in any case, wanting to sell my Leica SBLOO 35 (excellent condition, if someone's interested).
  4. The VC Mini-Finder has two bright-frames, one inside the other to indicate the 35mm and
    28mm view. There is room around the bright-frames, they are not out at the extreme
    edge of the view. You can see both with glasses, easily. It is an amazing piece of opticlal
    design, really.
  5. Gene, what is the eyepiece made of? I have the metal Voitlander 35mm finder and I had to glue a rubber washer to it to keep it from scratching my eyeglasses. If the 28-35's eyepiece is a softer material, I might get one.
  6. The body of the VC Mini-finder is made of metal. There is a soft-rubber insert for the
    eyepiece, so the only thing that would contact your glasses is soft rubber.
  7. Cool!
  8. Gene, does the soft-rubber insert come with the viewfinder or is it the little kit you buy
    separately? ....Ed
  9. the 28/35 minifinder is indeed made of metal, and it did have this rubber insert
    when i bought it. i really don't know how, but i managed to find this rubber
    insert at least three times when it fell out, but of course it was only a matter of
    time before i lost it for good. about the eye relief, i wear no glasses, and i
    really could do with a little less tight viewing with a 28mm (i use it only for the
    28 lines). so i'm not one of those who find the eye relief very good. actually it
    was a misunderstanding between me and the dealer i bought it from, i was
    going to get the dedicated 28mm after reading nothing but good about it.....
    wellwell.. it's an ok gadget, but i wouldn't call it anywhere near amazing piece
    of optical design...
  10. I have a first generation VC 28mm finder. Can anyone compare that to the mini-finder, in
    terms of quality of view, ease of seeing, etc?

  11. rgh


    The soft rubber eye piece on mine fell out a couple times, lucky to find it in the bottom of my bag and on the floor of a shop I went back to after noticing.

    So, just a bit of rubber cement and its on right now.

    Great finder, very nice on a Leica LTM camera, it has such a clear bright view I use it on my M4 instead of the Leitz 28 finder. Seems to be a bit tighter framed than what you get on film, so use the outside of the 28 brightline. The eye relief is good, but not fantastic, there is a -.5 correction built into the finder and this sharpens the view enough that I don't use my specs with it.

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