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  1. I have a question about the compatibility of a number of old lenses I just received with my current 70D. I know that even if they are
    technologically compatible, I will need adapters, since the lenses were made for Minolta and Pentax cameras. The lenses in question are
    three different 80-205mm lenses (one Photax AC, one Quantaray, and one Promaster MC), a Promaster Spectrum 7 35-200mm, an
    Albinar ADG 28mm, a Konica Hexanon AR 50mm, a Konica Hexanon 24mm, a Phoenix 50mm, an SMC Pentax-M, a Rokkor-PF 58mm,
    and an SMC Pentax-A 50mm. Due to their age and having been made for 35mm cameras, I have my doubts that adapters will exist, but
    the lenses are in great condition and would be useful additions to my bag, so I wanted to ask.
  2. In my humble opinion, only the Konica 24mm with adapter has any cash or performance value. The others have very little value either for sale or usefulness with your Canon 70d.
  3. If the 58mm Rokkor PF is the f1.2, it definitely has a value (in the hundreds of dollars) and a future somewhere.
  4. useful additions to my bag, so I wanted to ask.​
    Even EF lenses are available used for reasonable prices. FD lenses are even lower.

    As far as I know, the adapter will cost more than a used lens, and you don't get all the features of the lens. Also, reduces image quality if the adapter has lens elements in it.
  5. The 58mm Rokkor PF is f1.4. The f1.2 version is a PG lens.
    This code designated the number of groups and elements within a lens, with details as follows (
    First Letter (no. of groups): T=3; Q=4; P=5; H=6; S=7; O=8; N=9.
    Second Letter (no. of elements): C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6; G=7; H=8; I=9; J=10; K=11; L=12.
    The 58mm f1.2 MC Rokkor - PG contains 7 elements in 5 groups, the 58mm f1.4 MC Rokkor - PF contains 6 elements in 5 groups.
    Be that as it may, while the 58mm Rokkor PF f1.4 is a nice lens, it isn't worth much, and generally manual focus Minolta lenses are not easy to adapt for use on EOS camera bodies. I would suggest selling or donating all lenses in your lot that have manual focus Minolta mount.
  6. Using old lenses with adaptors can be fun and can sometimes save money - but the ones you have are either hard to adapt to Canon mount (Minolta / Rokkor and Pentax), surely poor quality compared to modern equivalents (the zooms), or both (Albinar is not a well-known brand but I doubt it is some undiscovered gem). I suggest selling them all, but don't expect to get much cash.
  7. As they say.
    Many of your lenses are off-brand, cheaper alternatives. The ones actually made by camera manufacturers like Pentax may have a little more value, but are still common in the market.
    You might also consider donating the lenses to one of the charitable resale places that sell stuff through eBay. They won't get much for them, to be sure, but maybe the lenses can be reunited with some of the cameras they were made for.
    "A lens is a terrible thing to waste" ;)
  8. I agree with the above. I'd pick up some secondhand EF lenses and not bother with what you have.
  9. If it's junk, don't donate it to a charity. They have trouble unloading it, or even giving it away. It takes up time and resources and ends up being a negative to the charity.
  10. If it's junk, don't donate it to a charity. They have trouble unloading it, or even giving it away. It takes up time and resources and ends up being a negative to the charity.​
    That's true, of course, but what's one man's trash is another man's treasure. For few things this is more true than for old camera lenses. If somebody put up this lot for sale it should not be to difficult to get $50 for it. In my opinion the lenses with the most value are the Konicas, the Pentaxes, and the Minolta Rokkor, but who knows if there isn't somebody out there with a use for the zoom lenses or the 28mm.
  11. The only really useful adaptor to have is an M42 with focus confirmation. There were so many different lenses made including all the Pentax Takumar, also bellows attachments, microscope attachments etc all really cheap.
    Getting Konica, Pentax M, adaptors for all your lenses would be fun, and cheap enough, but you may not use them. I bought Rollei and Leica R attachments; rarely use them. There are so many old EOS film camera lenses around that are more practical and useful. It looks like the Konica would require an intermediate glass element like Nikon to achieve infinity. If any of those lenses already are on an adaptor, like T2; Photax did a lot of those, you can just swap adaptors to an EOS one.
  12. Trying to use these lenses on canon with
    adapters will be an exercise in frustration. If
    you want to use them buy a cheap Pentax
    body or Minolta.

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