Question about Neat noise reducer

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by carlosmiller, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Is it better to reduce the noise before the editing process or after?
    My last step in the processing procedure is usually "smart sharpen".
    Should I use Neat before sharpening or after?
  2. Sharpen last, always.
  3. I typically use noise reduction right at the beginning of the process. I find that it can do weird things to areas that you've retouched or modified. As already stated, sharpening should typically be done last, though there are more complicated ways to do it (e.g. a light sharpen right after noise reduction, some creative sharpening, and then the final sharpen only when the image has been exactly resized for output.)
  4. I agree with Gregg, first step. The noise can affect several processes.
  5. Noise reduction as the first step. Also consider that if you use the NeatImage target to profile the noise of your device, any manipulation to the immage would then alter the profile.
  6. Ditto, NeatImage first step.
  7. Reduce noise first (sharpening noise just makes it more noticeable.)

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