Question about fungus?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mark_stephan|2, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Gave my son my 5D and bought a used 28-135 for it. The lens has the usual dust but I found a dust spot that has a few hairs or fibers attached to it. I've seen fungus before in one of my lenses and it had the typical spider webs. I'm not sure what the early signs of fungus are. Could this be it.
  2. Could be fungus or could just be hairs! If it's fungus it will get worse with time. If you see the "hairs" appearing to come (and/or radiate) from the "dust spots", then it's most likely fungus. If the hairs look like single hairs, then they may well just be hairs.

    That lens probably isn't worth having cleaned since it would likely cost more to have it prefessionally cleaned than a new (used from ebay) lens would cost. Usual advice to kill fungus is exposure to UV light (sunlight or UV lanp). That will halt the progress (if it is fungus), but won't remove what's already there.
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  3. Sounds like it. I'd hold onto it (no one will want to buy it anyway), and to be honest, unless you live in a really hot and wet environment you'll probably get plenty more years of pleasure out of it. Then you can get a new lens. If it is small section of the lens you won't see anything in the pics anyway.
  4. Thanks for your responses. After taking the lens to the camera store yesterday I've decided to keep it. They said it was dust and fibers of some sort near the dust spot and not growing, they explained that all zoom lenses suck in the dust when zooming and that's probably how I got it. They showed me a lens that looked just like my lens in the camera store. They've had the lens in the store for years and use it as a loupe.

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