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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by chris_jordan, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm putting together an informal large-format workshop for
    sometime in late summer/early fall, in the Shawangunk
    Mountains of southern NY State. I was hoping to gain a sense of

    It would be informal and free, open to all with a (reasonably)
    positive attitude and a love for large-format landscape
    photography and some of the contemporary issues assocated
    with it.

    -Open to all levels.
    -Open instruction in large-format, negative/chrome construction
    -Open exchange of ideas
    -Chance to share work
    -Chance to meet other photographers
    -Opportunity to visit a special and unique area

    Should you have interest, please drop me an email!

    Chris Jordan (the one in Rochester, NY)


  2. I could be interested, but I'll be out of town last two weeks of August or so, and will be pretty busy the first half of September.
  3. Chris, I may be interested, too. I'll shoot you an e-mail in addition to this post.
  4. Hi Chris, I know nothing about that area. What kind of stuff is there to photograph? If you have any "sample" images, would you post them or email me a few. Thanks, and good luck with your endeaver. Bill
  5. Sounds good to me. I'll be gone until around July 12th, should be here past then.

    I've been trying to organize a LF group in this area for a while.


    Maybe we could try to do a little networking, see if we could get more people for both.

    PS - Shawangunk - that's up near New Paltz, right?
  6. I too would be interested, but not until after mid-July.


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