Quantum QF-69 Mini Softbox - Any experience with one? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by laughing buddha productions, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to get a softbox for my Q-flash T-2. I want to use it primarily
    for softening the light of the Q-flash when shooting outdoors - I still find the
    diffuser/reflector combo a bit harsh.

    I'd primarily shoot with the Q-flash on a tripod and add this flatter, smaller
    'softbox.' I use Pocket Wizards to trigger this. I've read the past postings
    about the older Quantum softboxes and the multiple approaches people use to
    mount that to either the flash itself or the tripod using a multi-clamp of some

    According to the Quantum website, the advantage of this new QF-69 is that the
    thyristor sensor on the flash is NOT obstructed - and since I usually shoot in
    either manual or auto this is a useful feature for me.

    I also have a small Chimera softbox (12x16") that I am considering using - I'd
    just have to buy the speedring for the Q-flash. It just feels a bit bulky
    compared to this new Quantum mini-box and I'd lose the ability to use the
    thyristor - restricting me to manual only mode.

    So - has anyone use this new Quantum QF-69 Mini Softbox and what are your
    thoughts on it?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. You won't find the QF-69 very useful outside. It works up to about 6 feet from the subject, but is too small to exhibit much softening effect further away. Open bulb works pretty well outdoors with the Q-flash. It gives some fill flash and adds a highlight to faces when shooting in open shade.

    The mini-softbox is easy to set up - it opens like an umbrella. It's very compact when closed, so I always have it when needed.
  3. Edward, how is it for wedding receptions?do you get a solt light look with it? Does it carry any better than outside? Thanks!

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