Quality VS expresivity

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  1. Hello all:
    What do you think is better?
  2. I'm not sure what you meant by your title "quality vs. expresivity" but they both look very good to me. Their style is very different, one uses color while b+w is used by Jacob. I personally think Jacob is one of the best photographer in the world. His work just draws me in much like D'Agata but I'm sure he's not a favorite among many...
  3. They are both great! As Leslie said, this is an apples vs. oranges thing...I would say it is better to just evaluate them both on their own merit? Though I also think Sobol's work is really great, Park's stuff is more up my alley...
  4. Sorry, but it reminds me a lot of my early darkroom creations that ended up in the waste can... (Late 1970's)
    Kinda like Contemporary Art, some get it, others ?
  5. There's a few I like and a few that are tasteless and a few that are trash can material.
  6. Found some images by both interesting photographically but if I was chosing two to frame up on a wall and look at it regularly then I would pick Hasisi Park 005 and 006. I find both pleasing, charming and calming. After 007 I found it went a bit down hill though
  7. Jacob aue Sobol has a great body of work, his pictures are recognizable and have a personal style, he has great quality in every picture, but none of them arrives to the expressivity of some of Hasisi park pics.
    By the way, Mr Sobol uses leica, Ms Park uses cheap toy cameras.
  8. I like them both, but Sobol's more. I find his photos have more of a connection and immediacy to his life. His pictures have somehow a feeling of Moriyama and some of the Japanese photographers like Araki. This type of personal photographic vernacular docu style is the current vogue. Also some of the scenics are really beautiful.
    Park's are also very soulful and seem kindred. I don't know of the theme of the thread really makes sense in terms of better, nor does he explain what he means by "quality" or "expressivity". I guess the fact of some are in focus?

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