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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by al_kaplan|1, May 29, 2006.

  1. I tried looking for Quality Light Metric's web site to no avail. Does anybody
    have their current email address or phone number? My Weston Master V needs a
    new glass and I'm also considering buying another Weston meter. Thanks
  2. Why would you buy another one if the first junker couldn\'t make it past 60 years?

    7095 Hollywood Blvd. #550, Hollywood, CA 90028

    Phone: 323-467-2265
  4. Thanks for the address/phone number. I'll give them a ring.

    Hey Pedro, it's less than 40 years old and hardly a junker. Just a cracked glass.
  5. Al,-- I have a perfectly functioning Master II in near mint condition,
    available, should you be interested. It has case and neck cord.

    The last time that I had George Milton of QLM replce the glass in a
    Weston, the cost was $28.
  6. e mail


  7. Al, check your e-mail
  8. Thanks, everybody, for your prompt replies. It looks like my problems are under control now.
  9. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    Al Kaplan - Miami, FL wrote:

    It looks like my problems are under control now.

    OH Al you know that's not even close to the truth. But it's nice you think so!!!!

    All kidding aside I had them Bys at Hollywood Light Metric get a little Metrophot meter working for me a while back I had one that is you held the elctronis just right would read light and I had another one that was basically dead for all I could tell. I sent both and told them I only wanted one working one back.

    They did a very nice job and I was happy with the cost (I won't mention it here the wife might read this)!
  10. Al, you picked the right place. George did an excellent job on my Weston Master IV a couple of years ago and recently repaired my Leica meter MC and MR4.
  11. I've heard nothing but good things about Mr. Milton. One of the last of a disappearing breed.
  12. I just sent my Minolta Color Meter II in for calibration. Very nice
    people there, as well as good and fast service. The pricing is
    reasonable to boot...!
  13. I had almost given up finding someone to repair my Minolta Flashmeter IV when I posted a question in an large format photographer's forum. Someone recommended Quality Light Metrics. I sent the meter to them by mail from my home west of Chicago and was absolutely amazed when QLM called back just two days later to tell me that the meter was fixed, as good as new, and on its way back. I couldn't believe it! Not only that, but the guy I talked to was extremely courteous and his price was very reasonable. They will be my first stop for repairs like this in the future. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

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