QuadToneRIP for Windows released

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by daniel_staver|1, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I haven't seen a mention of this here yet so I thought those of you
    with a 2100/2200 might be interested to know that a beta version of
    QuadToneRIP for Windows has been released:


    This will allow you to print truly neutral BW images without
    metamerism on your 2100/2200 printer. It's a great alternative to
    Imageprint at only 1/10 of the price.
  2. I have downloaded and installed the beta for XP, however the .bat file does not seem to be set up for the parameters required to make things function. I get a "no printer" message and nothing prints. What's more, certain file name references in the directions do not match the file names that appear in the folders once everything is unzipped. I am not a computer moron by any stretch, but I messed around for about 3 hours and couldn't get anything to pop into action. Suggestions?
  3. Daniel,

    What are the advantage of QTR, using UTx insets, over other alternatives such as printing curves, etc ?
  4. I recommend you to ask questions about QTR on the DigitalBW list:

    The developer of QTR, Roy Harrington, is active on the list, and you will also get the added benefit of help from other users who are successfully using QTR on windows. There have been lots of discussions recently about the new windows version.
  5. It's not bad and certainly worth $50. I downloaded it and did some testing (OSX) and it's
    not ImagePrint by a long shot but then the cost is incredibly reasonable and it's head and
    shoulders superior to the Epson driver!
  6. I've compared several QTR and Imageprint prints and would say it's hard to tell the difference for BW. Assuming you're using good profiles for QTR of course... Both are very good.
  7. The dither isn't there compared to IP. Spectral gradients are showing much more banding.
  8. So I think I figured it out finally. Unzipping puts everything into the Unzipped folder, but for some reason, installing leaves some items in the Unzipped folder but puts others in a new QuadtoneRIP folder. Once you move everything into the QuadtoneRIP folder, everything works.
  9. I was pleased to see this version of the RIP for Windows at last, and it does look very promising. The main fault I have found is a blotchy level 0 patch when I printed out the 21step.tif file supplied in the package on H. Photo Rag (using PFA curves). The blotchyness is due to small lighter horizontal dashes and is not random, as the pattern was the same when I repeated the print. This was with a 2100 on Win XP Home and I don't get this when printing with the Epson driver. Does anyone else have this problem?

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