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  1. I recently bought a polaroid quad camera. I believe a Cambo 40 or something close to that. I am having trouble figuring out how to load the damn thing. I have other polaroid cameras (210,instax, sx-70) so I am pretty familiar with loading the film but this one stumps me. Unless it just doesn't take fuji 100c. I will attach a picture so you can see what I am talking about. It has three doors with the rollers.
  2. Why does it look like that model uses the old discontinued roll film polaroid?
  3. Because it is haha I did a major fail and didn't realize it until after. Grr! its going back
  4. Sorry I had to be the one to figure that out Tom.
  5. I have one of these:
    though it takes four different pictures.
  6. If it takes Polaroid roll film you can (in total darkness) cut down a piece of black & white sheet film and place it inside the camera. You can take a single shot and then back to darkroom to unload. Develop in tray in total darkness. Time consuming, but you can at least see if the camera works. I've done this with my old Polaroid 150.
  7. For pack film cameras, you could take an old film pack, and load an appropriately sized sheet of film into it in the dark. I probably wouldn't do it more than once, though.
  8. rdm


    It has been a while and I wonder what happened with this camera.
    Tom, what did you end up doing?
    Did you take any more photos of the camera ?
    There was not enough camera porn provided for me ..lol

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