QL 17 versus M7: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Revisit)

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by sliu, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Jorn Ake kindly lent me one of his M7s to test side by side with my new $38 QL 17. (Velvia 100F, M7 meter, Minolta SD III scan, Photoshop curve, no USM)
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  5. One conclusion I can draw from the comparisons is that the Minolta SD III is a great equalizer. Pity that the M7 won't allow any lens change at a reasonable cost and the QL17 won't allow any lens change either (which has nothing to do with $$).

    If the streets are unsafe and the pockets are not well lined, the choice is obvious.
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    A classic double post if I ever saw one. If you really want to see something neet take a look at the cut and paste I did to the two examples of the first photo I posted in this thread on the Leica frum where S.Liu also posted this thread.
  7. S.Liu - you find at the wider open paertures, the difference is a bit more noticeable. Thanks for the thread.
  8. My version of the QL 17 is not very sharp and others have had the same problem. Darn you S. Liu, just as you caused me to take out my old Rollei Standard (which is now in pieces all over the house waiting for me to find the time to solve the dead mirror problem)now I've dug up the QL 17 for yet another road test (hope is a low level of reality).

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