Qflash Model T

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  1. I got this model unfortunately it does not flash. It powers up if I hook it up to my Godox pb960. All the buttons seem to work except the test flash button, or when I PC sync it with my camera. It even reports under exposure (of course) if I use auto as the flash never goes off. Do you know if it's an "easy" fix like opening it up? I am not handy at all. The bulb works even the casing felll off as I put it into my sunpak 120J and it works ...

    Does anyone know how to open this thing? Or any diagram online? Thanks.
  2. You're not handy at all? Don't bother opening the flash. Contact Quantum Instruments to see if they can fix it ( qtm [dot] com/repairs ) and ship it to them if they can work on it. You could get a nasty shock from the capacitor(s) if you don't know what you're doing, and since you don't know electronics diagnosing the faulty components in the first place isn't really possible. Good luck!
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  3. +1. Get a professional repairer to look at it.

    A 350 volt 'nibble' isn't fun, even if it doesn't kill you!
  4. thanks. i bought a Model T2 which does work. The repair probably costs more than the purchase of the 2 units; pending repair quote from promarkbrands as qtm falls under the promarkbrands umbrella now.

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