Q. on action or high eyepoint finders for ETRS Bronica

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by tom_cheshire, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the high eyepoint finder and the action finder for the Bronica ETR? Mainly I was wondering which is best for eyeglass users.
  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I wear/wore glasses n found the only solution to your problem was to get contact lenses..
    it cured all my camera, binocular n microscope telescope any viewing problems the day I got em plus I now wear regular Foster Grant sunglasses.. polarized are $20.
  3. Can't help w/ the eyepoint finder, but wanted to put in a good word for those $20 Foster Grants. I bought a pair 2 years ago, and they are wonderful. Best sunglasses I've ever owned. They not only look stylish, but the polarization is so good, when I'm outdoors things are nearly as sharp as when I have my glasses on.
  4. I have the Action Prism Finder E, which resembles the Action Finders for the Nikon F series cameras, only much larger. I don't know of a different high eyepoint finder for the ETR series. I know there was a wire frame action finder or sports finder offered earlier.
    What I can tell you about the Action Prism Finder E is this. It has a very high eyepoint, enough that with my glasses on, my eye can be up to six inches from the finder. Like other action finders, the image is of lower magnification than a standard finder. It is still quite usable, at .65X with the standard 75mm lens. It gives 94% by 94% image coverage. It is about the size of the camera body it attaches to, and weighs 690 grams, or just over 24 ounces. Its optics cover a square, so it can be used on the SQ series cameras with an adapter, the A.P. Adapter S. That capability of course makes it somewhat larger and heavier than it would be if it just fit 645 format.
    I like that I can be far enough away from the finder that I can view my subject through the finder and look at it directly at the same time, especially handy for macro, in my experience. Usually I use it on a tripod, but I have used it handheld.
    By the way, I am nearsighted and always wear glasses, yet have had no problem seeing the entire screen with the standard prism or the AE III prism.

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