[q] bronica ETRS locked up

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vlad_p, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I had my ETRS working fine, but then something happened where the shutter does not fire.
    I have a suspicion but would like to confirm...
    Yes, of course, I know all the 'dark slide removed, lens attached, film back attached, shutter cocked pre requisites).
    These Bronicas in a normal operation do not allow to remove the back, unless the dark slide is inserted (so that pin is pressed in)
    My worked this way too, however now I can remove the back even dark slide is out. So this means that the camera 'thinks' that the back is on (and that's probably why it does not fire).
    When I look at the back of the body, it has two pins (on both sides of the mirror box on the bottom) -- these pins typically slightly stick out ( I have another etrs -- and they do stick out there). However on this body -- they seem to have lost a retention spring and are just floating in there (so if I tilt the body back they come out as they supposed to)
    Therefore I am suspecting that the two small pins that detect of the back is attached -- have lost their springs or something.
    Is this thing repairable inexpensively, or are there other things to check that I might have missed
    thank you in advance
  2. "Chances are" that one of the levers or actuator assemblies came apart that go to that pin, and the pieces could still be in
    the camera. I've never disassembled a ETRS but I have repaired several of my SQ-A bodies when I had them in regular
    use. Bronicas have LOTS of small phillips screws, you could probably get a better idea what's going on by removing just
    the bottom plate first. But have a white bowl ready on a white towel so that when you take the plate off if there are tiny
    loose pieces inside you can find them if they fall out. If you have to remove a side, warm up the leather material with a
    blow dryer and peel it off gently, then it's on to removing more small screws and possibly the crank mechanism etc. Other
    than that, you would have to pay a technician. There's really not much you can do wrong, as you go along you can just
    keep track of the order of screws and few crank parts etc. to reassemble. On the crank assembly the screws are under the leather.

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