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  1. Hello to all in the world of Pyro. I have been trying to connect with the pyro group thread and am asking of the chemical make up of solution "A". Everything of B has been discussed and I have those chemicals in my chem storage room but cannot find the formulation to mix my own "A" solution. I was fortunate enough to purchase quantities of "A" (Pyro MC) prior to the pandemic curse and currently 'Formulary' is down for ?
    I have been in discussion with Dr. King and have virtually every article of his minus the formula.

    I have seen a thread on MC but cannot connect with the current folks and have seen brilliant postings ... that being said, hope this is picked up with those within that thread.

    Email me your feedback, I do appreciate, I truly do.
    STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY, keep in touch
  2. Sandy KIng's summary:

    Pyrocat: Versions and Mixing Directions

    There was a version with errors for an alternative version of the MC version without any water or TEA but maybe it has dissappeared. For most purposes all versions are similar, so I'd suggest making up whichever version is most convenient. There is a concern that if using metabisulphite, it needs to be fresh.
  3. The full directions and formula are here.

    It was almost the first Google hit for "Pyrocat MC formula" as the search term.
  4. Rodeo-Joe's instructions are a later version and correct an error in the link in my earlier post about -MC without TEA. It apparently needs the glycerine.

    The standard -HD is so good I no longer bother with other versions.

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