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  1. Sorry, this is probably a very newbie question. I have bought a canon 9000 F mk 2 scanner for my old
    35 mm. rolls and the new 120 negatives I want to scan.
    It is rather simple: which side of the negative should be upside: the matte side og the shiny side?
  2. The shiny side should face the light source and the emulsion side (the matte side) should face the lens. That being said,
    however, due to where the focus for some scanners is set without an autofocus, you may achieve sharper results
    scanning emulsion side up.
  3. Thank you. The manual is not quite specific. And Phil - another newbie question is the lens on the 9000 F in the lid of the scanner?
  4. The lens on flat beds is usually in the bottom. The lid contains the light the shines through the film when scanning film. My
    canon 8800f scans best with the emulsion facing down toward the glass and base side (shiny) up toward the lid.
  5. Not to be blunt, but the manual does say in a few places to orient film "with the front side of the film (the side on which images appear correctly) facing down". I would do that.
  6. That should would be base side down. Depending upon the scanner that may yield the best results. With another of my
    scanners I found it depended upon the film and the curvature to get the sharpest scans. I guess what I'm saying is start
    with how the particular scanner says to scan the film and then experiment to see what gives you the best results. I use
    vuescan for my scanners so orientation of the image due to base side up or down causing the image to be flipped makes
    little difference.

    My 8800f says the same thing about orientation but, with my scanner, I get better results the other way. Ymmv
  7. The easiest way to tell (if the manual is ambiguous or you do not have a manual) is to find a negative with writing or printing on it - a T-shirt, a road sign, etc. Scan the negative. If the writing is correct, you have the proper side down; make a note of it. If the writing is backward (it looks like it would in a mirror), you have the negative wrong side down. Flip the negative over, the other side down), rescan, and if the writing is correct, make a note of which side is down.
  8. It's easy enough to flip an image in post processing when scanning. Start with slick side up (mostly to reduce dust damage) and put it the other way only if it gives you a sharper image.

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