Purplish scans from Canoscan 8800F

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by alvin_lim|5, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone knows what is the cause of this problem? I scanned in quick succession two pictures from negatives and the latter one appeared so purplish and cropped; I did not move the negatives. Even some of my other pictures like this one below has a purplish background. Anyone knows the problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. You need to color balance the preview scan. Evidently you are relying on automatic balancing and it does not always work depending on the negative.

    Clean the film before scanning or you have to fix all the spots later.
  3. I always had color problems with the Scangear software, Vuescan does much better job with my 8800f. Only one problem with the Vuescan is that we cannot scan at 4800DPI with IR cleaning on, Vuescan only can scan at 2400DPI with IR. But the cleaning and color renditions are much gerater than Canon Scangear software.

    I have wrote to Mr. Ed Hamrick for the resolution isuue and he says he will try to fix it. After this fixing, I think Vuescan and 8800F combo will produce much better results.

    I heared somewhere on the internet that now Silverfast is coming as bundled with the 8800f.
  4. Thanks guys! Will try the solutions recommended!

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