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  1. <chuckle>

    10 years or so, ago the D300 was the heart of discussion on this same PNet forum. Yes, I still have mine. I still use it. It is one of the few cameras that you can attach any lens, take a shot and presented shot was "gold."

    Not all Nikon bodies are like this. (I waded through a lot of stuff and was dissatisfied with quite a few previously owned, Nikon bodies.) 12mp is fine for fine print inkjet, and actually overkill if you present your photos on a 4K Television. At the current resale price, it's a sentimental "keeper." It's low miles compared to many and if I did an alcohol wipe down, it would look brand new.

    If you want to talk about old........I recently purchased a D3x with 16,xxx clicks, and I am zen..

    The "Semi Forced Upgrade Attitude" in Shun's world may fly here. That's why I'm usually "not."
  2. That's how it is here, people discuss every aspect of any question, some of which one may not have anticipated. But eventually the discussions lead to a good decision after considering every aspect and suggestions, bushwhacking or not.
    Considering the price, it is a good buy. I recently sold my D300s at a very good price to a Canadian. It was in like-new condition with a very low shutter count. I have used quite a number of D300/s; I prefer it over the D7xxx because the D300/s controls are "main stream" - what I have been used to.
  3. IQ versus UI is a very individual choice......;)

    You can control/learn UI, you can't fix poor IQ.....:)
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  4. True, but the D300/s IQ is good enough - accordingly to me anyway. :) Gotta consider it in conjunction with price-value. Now I am using D500 and Olympus. But would not hesitate to use a D300/s as a backup.
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  5. Must have been a very special D70s - the ones I knew had only 6.1MP ;)
    As already stated a couple of times, dynamic range of the D300 (and D700) is nothing much to write home about today - your D3400 does better in that aspect too.

    I am not much in favor of the UI on either the D3x00, D5x00, or the D7x00 bodies (or the FX D6x0 and D750 for that matter) - the D300/D300s certainly suits me better. But in terms of IQ, the D300/D300s is a clear step backwards for the OP.
    Buy cheap, buy twice :(
  6. Brand new D7200 is now less than $700. If you accept used (which you will have to going for the D300) then the D7200 isn't all that much money. The D300 does have something better than the D7200 but for the OP I think the D7200 would satisfy the OP much more.
  7. Use, sure.....but to buy now?.. Honestly..? :)
  8. Call me stubborn or inflexible but the answer is "Yes" if the other choices are D3xxx, D5xxx, or D7xxx ... with "foreign" Nikon UI's. :D But the camera body cannot be ugly - as I don't like to use beat-up-looking gear. :eek:
  9. I realized very quickly that my D700 would make a very poor backup for my D810. The question of whether the D300 would make one for the D500 never came up - I had sold them way before I acquired the D500 - but I am fairly certain the answer would have been the same as in the D700/D810 case.
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    IMO, the D300 would be a poor backup for the D500; the batteries are not compatible and the memory cards are of totally different types. The vertical grips are also different. The only things in common are the F mount, which is indeed important, and iTTL flashes.

    A D300s can at least share SD cards with the D500.

    You’ll have the same situation between the D850 and D700.

    Anything in the D7000 series would be a far better backup for the D500.
  11. I concur. Even though the control configurations on my D810 and D7100 are different, I've become sufficiently familiar with them that I can shift between them very easily. Absolute IQ of the D810 exceeds the D7100, but that still-very-good DX sensor remains useful as a backup or alternate, particularly with my long telephoto attached in bird and wildlife country. (And, yes, the buffer issue has to be managed...)

    (Now that I look at it, I'm not sure this is apropos of either the OP or Shun's comment. Still, it remains true for me.)
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    Generally speaking, I would much rather not having to carry a different type of memory card just for the backup camera and worse yet, charging a separate battery for the backup camera and traveling with additional charger and batteries for the backup.

    You only need to forget about one of those items and your backup camera could be useless. When your backup shares the same batteries and memory cards, you have fewer issues to worry about.
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  13. I leave the aesthetics to the images not the tools....;)

    If I'm DXing then I use a D7200 as my D500 back-up.

    If I'm FXing then I use a D600 (!) as back-up to my D810.

    The XQD only cameras will be interesting regarding card duplication...
  14. If aesthetics don't mater, Google: Italdesign, Giugiaro, Nikon.
  15. I didn't say aesthetics don't matter.

    Just not to me.

    Functional design is a very different kettle of fish.

    The thing that has changed most in Nikon DSLRs is the grip. Shape and depth have allowed (or visa versa!) the battery orientation to rotate through 90 degrees.
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    Nikon has been offering refurbished D7200 around $600. One should be able to buy used for even less. If one doesn't mind the shallower buffer, I am sure that the D7100 is even cheaper. One's budget has to be around $300 or less for a D300 to even make sense.

    Since we have been talking about the D300 and D700 lately, one (mild?) concern is the EN-EL3e battery. I have like 7 of them since I have a D200, D300, and D700. Last year I realized that about half of my old EN-EL3e batteries are dead; they are showing no charge and cannot be recharged any more. I bought all of those batteries in 2007 and 2008. I think I still have like 3 working ones remaining, as I still use the D700 occasionally.

    You can still buy new EN-EL3e batteries ($45) from B&H, or you can try your luck with third-party ones. When your overall budget is $300 or so, a couple of new batteries can easily add 20% to your overall cost, and those batteries are useless on future cameras. Used ones may no longer be reliable as my experience above.

    I am less concerned about CF memory cards. No Nikon body currently in production still uses CF any more, but there are still plenty of new CF cards available and even more in the used market. Old cards are far less likely to go bad compared to old Li-ion batteries.
  17. I checked KEH last night, and their cheapest D7200 was around $630.

    As much as I love dealing with KEH(I prefer them over all other used vendors) I think it would be hard to justify buying a used D7200 if refurbs are $600 and new is $700.

    AFAIK, the D5 is still available with the CF option, although from what I've seen the XQD version is still favored. I suspect that the D6, if and when it arrives, will eliminate CF entirely.

    Also, Nikon DOES still catalog the D810A, although I don't know how many they sell and if they are still actively producing them. I tend to go to B&H to at least get a snapshot of Nikon's current production, and the D810A is listed as "currently unavailable"(along with the FM10, which Nikon still has on their website). This is in contrast to the F6, which I suspect B&H orders on demand, and is listed as "more on the way."
  18. I know this thread is getting long, but here is one advantage of a D300 (not S) that is not available on later cameras: D2x Mode I (tweaked) picture controls. I know I should be able to get a similar or better quick JPG output for portraits on my D810, but just can't seem to find the exact D810 PC settings to get there. So, for now my go to daylight portrait camera is a D3x using tweaked D2x Mode I.

    Might be worth getting a $100ish fleabay D300 just for this feature alone. The D2x modes can be downloaded to D300, D3, D700, and to my recent pleasant surprise, D3x.

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