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  1. I am looking to have a photo book, or series of photo books published as a photographic tribute to a specific neighborhood in the town I grew up in . As this neighborhoood consists of 15 Streets that are 8 long city blocks , and 8 streets that are 15 short city blocks long; AND I am planning on including the alleys.
    I started on this quest on the 15th of this month and thus far have only covered 3 streets , however I already have over 900 photos to sort threw and decide on.
    Any suggestions on a publishing company when the time draws nearer? I want them to be readily available in all bookstores and also have ebook format .
    In my mind I am picturing the books price wise at say around $30-$40 a peice but I want them to be qualtity work. I also need to know about marketing and how to go about setting up a Book signing when the time comes.Any other tidbits you could offer would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie at the publishing game from this end!
    Until now I had only worked in portrait photography and shooting events for local companies for their websites! thanks for your help in advance ! ~ Catey
  2. I suggest you get a copy of Photographers Market to learn how book publishing works. You will need to create samples of what you want to do and write a proposal that you can present to publishers, if you can get their attention.
  3. Thanks so much for that ! I will go get one today !

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