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  1. Hi all
    just a quick question- as professionals do you advertise your prices on your website ?
    I have looked at many sites and read about this subject a lot and ive come to realise that as a consumer if I am looking to purchase something, having all the info including the price in front of me helps me to make a decision . . .if a bride is looking for a photographer surely its better to give her all the information on the page there and then, if they have to ring up and ask surely this will make them pass you by and look elsewhere ?
    I would be interested in hearing what you all think

    many thanks

  2. There are many already existing threads and discussions about this. I recommend doing a search.

    The short answer: Whatever works for you.

    Publishing the prices knocks out price shoppers who don't value your art and who are just looking for a cheap solution to the problem of needing pictures. It means you don't get to educate them on the value of what you do, but it saves you wasted time talking to people who won't hire you because they think you charge too much. You can say that the published prices are "suggested" packages and let them know you are happy to customize a package for them.

    Not publishing the prices means you get to talk to everyone and educate them on the value of what you do, but it also means you have to talk to everyone. It also allows you to customize each package on a per-wedding basis without them comparing it to a published price.

    In the middle ground there is the "starting at" approach. This allows you to knock out people who want to low-ball you and are actually looking for someone cheap, but it also allows you flexibility to be more customized and talk to more of your potential customers.

    In my experience talking with couples over the years, many have expressed that they appreciated me publishing my prices. They said they would leave the web site of photographers who didn't. But, that's only the experience coming from someone who publishes their prices. You might get a very different answer from someone who doesn't.
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  3. [Thanks mike yes I have come across this as well I think its helpful to be upfront to everyone I will check out the threads

  4. As with any business, not everyone publishes there prices on there website. It has nothing to do with being upfront or not. I personally don't advertise my rates as I don't have an all inclusive set rate. All jobs are not the same and require different pricing. Thats why most "Photographers" who advertise prices will only put a starting point which would be there minimum price. There are too many variables in a wedding and it is best to discuss in person and then propose an estimate.
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  5. Yes I'm Agree with you michaelmowery, Not everyone publishes there prices on there website.

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