PSCS Highlight/Shadow Recovery question

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by t._duane_jones, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I've read posts by Marc and others, and have seen examples of using
    this PSCS feature to recover shadow detail. Here's my question: I
    shot a wedding last year in a small chapel with large windows behind
    the alter (gorgeous view of the mountains!). The image is fine,
    however I want to tweak it a little. I scanned the image (it was
    shot on Portra 160 NC) and tried my hand at using Shadow recovery.
    Everything in the image is great, except for the groom and her
    father's tux; instead of a rich black, they are on the washed out
    side. What can I do to make the blacks black, but retain the
    overall brightness of the scene? I appreciate your input.

  2. duplicate the image on a new layer, run the shadow/highlight recovery. then you can just erase parts of the new layer that look better without editing.
  3. The Shadow/Highlight is probably the wrong tool for that job. It lightens shadow areas or
    darkens highlight areas ... although, sometimes it'll initially darken washed out blacks if
    no other black exists in the photo.

    If levels or curves won't do it, try going to > Image > Adjust > Select Color > Black ... and
    slide the tool to the right a bit. If it also affects your mid tones too much, then select >
    Neutral in the same menu and slide it to the Left a little.
  4. James and Marc: Thank you for your advice; I'll try that on Monday morning. When I ran the shadow recovery, the image looked perfect, except for the black tuxedo's. They looked a little washed out. I will try the levels & curves, and also using 2 layers to keep everything looking good.


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