PS the Wedding Photo of the Week: Special Edition 11/1/10

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  1. This week, to give everyone a break from posting their own images, I've posted one of my own wedding images from the wedding of one of our own members. Victoria and Chris got married at a super private ceremony in July, at a private residence in Napa, just north of me. Victoria tells me the following image is one of their favorites, and she previously requested that I post one from their wedding for this Photoshop exercise. It has only had very basic white balance and sharpening, and is uncropped.
    For those of you unfamiliar with "PS the POW", a neutral image is chosen for everyone to Photoshop 'their way'. So have fun! Victoria and Chris might really like your rendition.
  2. Was having fun - but tough work on an image this small:
  3. OK--here's a bigger version.
  4. Here is my shot at it
  5. Here is my attempt...
  6. My two attempts - I like them both:
  7. and the second one:
  8. Here's one for fun..............
  9. Black and white conversion done in Lightroom 3.
  10. I don't normally Photoshop like this at all. (Honest! You can look at my website/blog). Normally I don't do the yellow, but wanted to try it.
  11. I'm normally as much a slave to the 2:3 aspect ratio as anyone, but this felt a little narrow to me. I added a color/toned B&W blend with layer masking for a hand colored feel and a bit of softening. I could have used on of these in Moraga, Nadine!
  12. here's my few minutes of fun with it!
  13. Revamped the image a bit.
  14. First time I've done one of these. In Lightroom: Crop, add Recovery and a bit of Contrast. In PS: 1) Cleanup (twig near his foot bugged me, killed the hoses, one wrinkle/shadow in the dress). 2) Copied the layer, added blur, and masked it in on areas of her skin to soften the contrast in splotchy-sunlight, and to soften the sunburn a little bit. 3) High-pass layer in hard-light mode to boost details in his suit and her hair. 4) A bit of vibrance.
  15. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Just some subtle items re the Bride and a 5x7 crop:
  16. added new sky,played with colors and a few more little tweaks!
  17. can't really tell you exactly what I did. Had a few beers, played with the sliders and here's what I came up with...
  18. I don't know why the photo looks like poop. I right clicked, saved as, and didn't do anything too extreme. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, I'm being called for a footrub right now.
  19. A few color control points + a basic overlay to curves.
  20. Here's mine
  21. Here's my attempt! Cropped to 8x10, converted to B/W via PS action, tweaked to taste. Added a sorta reverse vignette, which I felt helps with the "old slightly faded photo" look. Overlayed grungy texture partly because I love the look it gives. Also it adds some life to the sky, which I couldn't do much with after my previous treatments. I masked the texture off of the b/g because I didn't want them to look grungy! Then I added a border that I thought suited my vision for the image, and voila!
    Thanks to Nadine, Victoria and Chris for sharing!
  22. Wow! There are some really talented folks on this forum, yes?! First off, a HUGE thanks to Nadine for being our super-talented, kind, and fun-to-work-with photographer! We're forever indebted to you, and we're thrilled with all the shots you took, Nadine.
    Chris' favorite here is the 'stepping off the page' look by Danzel (cool!) and that was seconded by a couple of friends of ours. I (Victoria) have a hard time choosing because they are all so different, but I also really like the high contrast/color-processed grass by Alexander, the 'new sky' put in by Rodney (awesome), and the faded photo look by Blair. Great ideas everyone, you are all very creative and inspirational!
  23. a bit over the top for me perhaps
  24. my attempt..................
  25. My humble attempt:
  26. Here goes my first one.
  27. And here is the second one.
  28. There are some really good adjustments, but I still prefer the original. My second choice is Blairs.
  29. this photo temps me to play around with a few photoshop effects i haven't tried in a while
  30. Thanks a lot everyone! Great ideas and efforts, all.
    Since it is early in the week, do you want another image to play with? If so, let me know, and I can open up submissions for a day, or if anyone wants to offer an image, also let me know.
  31. Okay so, I saw this...had to put in my 2 cents even though Everyone put theirs in already! Secretly, I love playing with other people's pictures to see how it comes out :)
    ~Nadine, Why don't we do bridals for the next one?! I could submit one :)
    EDIT: I didn't even notice the bigger picture! I'm going to leave this one though. I enjoyed the challenge of not having a high resolution photo to edit. haha...
  32. I agree with Bob B. The original capture has a nice natural look why mess with it.
  33. Since I didn't get much of a response, I am just letting this thread run until next Monday. Brenna--the next time I do a PS exercise, I'll think about you.
    Carry on, folks--you can still submit your version of the image...
  34. Okay, So it wouldn't let me add more info to my last post but I forgot to mention that I also PS'ed the tree growing out the groom's head. It didn't bother me so much as on the bride because you can see the whole thing behind her and I don't know why on earth anyone would crop a picture such as this one because it shows where they are. The story of what's going on, they're walking in a vineyard. Not an alley. Also, I do agree the original picture looked great but there's nothing wrong with tweaking a great picture to make it super-awesome right?!? Btw. Great shot Nadine! *buttering you up to pick my image :D*Seriously though. Great shot.
  35. My 2 cents. Removed plant on groom's head, tweaked color saturation, added warmth for better skin tone and early morning/late evening feel, graduated filter to adjust the sky, vignetting to focus on B&G, and a little cropping.
  36. Great image Nadine!
    For this one I went with a painterly look. I used an aquarelle paper structure but I'd rather have the image printed on real paper with a similar surface, matted and framed.
    I envision something between a painting and a photograph so I would probably take it another step towards a painting if I had more time.
  37. I used a yellow, blue, and purple colour fill, and toyed with the hue & saturation.

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