PS Elements 4 - How can I get dis-organized?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by james_lai, May 26, 2007.

  1. I use PS Elements 4 to fix up the photos I want to print. When I go to save an
    edited photo, Elements always has a check in the box to save the photo to the
    Organizer. I never use the Organizer and find it annoying to have to uncheck
    the box every time. How can I turn this off by default?
  2. That bugs the !@#$^ out of me, too. I use PSE3 and have not found any way of making this setting default to "no."
  3. ... and this crap "feature" lives on in PSE5.

    Not only is there no way to turn it off, there's also unfortunately no way to install PSE Editor without installing the Organizer, as well.

    PSE is a great program for the price, but one of the least user-configurable apps I have ever used.

    When I save images, declicking the "Include in the Organizer" box before clicking the Save button has basically become a reflex action.
  4. Thanks anyways guys, and a big raspberry to Adobe!

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